Testimonials – Model European Union Netherlands 2023

’Being BRAVO’s representative at the Model European Union was an unforgettable experience. The occasion offered a forum for thoughtful conversation on two of the most important topics of the day: artificial intelligence legislation and CO2 emissions. The conversation about CO2 emissions was insightful and made us think about how our actions affect the environment and how urgently we need sustainable solutions.

BRAVO PASSPORT STORIES: Youth Exchange ”Art Included” in Czech Republic

We have just added a new chapter to our passport stories as our 6 participants are making the world wonder in the Czech Republic by attending the Youth Exchange ‘’Art Included’’. The project ‘’Art Included’’ is all about inclusion and diversity as its main aim is to provide a quality learning opportunity for young people. By taking part in interactive sessions, participants are developing their skills and gradually improving their personal and professional lives.

Poziv na Erasmus+ radionicu u Zenici

Ukoliko si mlada osoba iz Zenice, onda te pozivamo da nam se pridružiš na Erasmus+ radionici koja će se održati 18.11. Učešćem na ovoj radionici, naučit ćeš više o ljudskim pravima, različitim formama diskriminacije i efikasnim načinima promicanja jednakosti u svim aspektima našeg društva. Nažalost, živimo u svijetu gdje je jednakost samo pojam, kako se mnogi ljudi na dnevnoj bazi sureću sa diskriminacijom i predrasudama.

Testimonials – Training Course ”The Great Resignation” in Bucharest, Romania

’I had the privilege of participating in this project, and I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed every aspect of it. As someone new to this kind of experience, I was pleasantly surprised by the engaging activities and the valuable insights provided throughout the course. What makes this project truly special is its ability to make you reflect on your future and the choices you have, especially in a world where the dynamics of work are rapidly changing.


WYA Europe recently hosted an insightful event featuring two panels that delved into crucial topics surrounding humanitarian aid and international coercive policies. The ”Emerging Leaders conference” was held on the 4th of November via the Zoom platform. It represented one great opportunity for young people to upgrade their leadership skills,

Testimonials – Training Course ”Green Europe” in Les Ulis, France

‘’Being able to take part in the Erasmus+ training course “Green Europe” and spend 10 days in France with my peers was an experience I will foster throughout my personal and professional endeavors. Together with young people from around the world, we came up with different solutions on how to “green” our homes, and surroundings and how to encourage others around us to join us on the quest for a better tomorrow.

Open call for virtual conference ”Emerging Leaders”

If you want to upgrade your leadership skills, network with professionals in the field, and engage in discussions with young leaders from all parts of the world, then we urge you to register and join us at the virtual ‘’Emerging Leaders Conference’’.

CV Creation Workshop for High School Students

Join us for an exciting opportunity to empower high school students with the skills they need to shine on paper! BRAVO is thrilled to announce a CV creation workshop on Wednesday, November 8th at 18:00 at our BRAVO office in Sarajevo.

Training Course ”The Great Resignation” in Bucharest, Romania

Our amazing participants are currently attending the Training Course ”The Great Resignation” in Bucharest, Romania, along with their peers from all parts of Europe. This training course provides an excellent opportunity for participants to learn through informal means and actively engage in the process.

#ErasmusDays event – Coffee with BRAVO Gathering

Erasmus+ days with BRAVO are on a whole other level, as you get the opportunity to learn, explore, and upgrade, but also drink coffee with your favorite BRAVO humans! Today, on the 11th of October, the long-awaited #ErasmusDays event, Coffee with BRAVO, took place, and it gathered a wide range of participants

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