The general aim of the project is to prevent homophobic cyber-bullying among young people: a form of bullying that takes place over digital devices and platforms like mobile phones, computers, social media and tablets perpetrated against LGBTQI youth (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intrasexual).

In a world where the role of media has been so great that the term ‘mediacracy’ (the rule of media) has been frequently used to describe it, the need for media and news literacy and media activism of young people and youth NGOs is apparent. The media are not simple transmitters, but crucial creators of messages and have a pivotal role in creating and swaying public opinion.

On February 20th, a pivotal workshop unfolded in Bihać, focusing on the protection of the rights of marginalized groups. Held at the dynamic Start-Up Studio, this event was a significant milestone within the AHEAD project—an initiative committed to fostering inclusivity and advocating for the rights of those often pushed to the fringes of society.

From February 22nd to February 26th, seven organizations from five different countries gatherd in Ljubljana for a transnational meeting of the Second Chance project. The meeting served as a platform to discuss forthcoming activities aimed at empowering youth and fostering innovation across borders.

Once again, BRAVO is excited to be part of a beautiful story that is about to be written! We are thrilled to announce that the kick-off meeting for the project ‘’Women4Sport’’ has been successfully concluded! The new project will have amazing activities and thus, leave a positive impact on everyone involved.

Exciting news! Our brand new project DIGITAL WOMUNICATION has officially kicked-off! BRAVO’s Director Ismail Šehić and Project Manager Imran Polovina embarked on their journey to Rome, Italy on February 16th, 2024 where they were joined by representatives from SOS Europa (Lead Partner) from Italy, Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying (PEL) from North Macedonia, Kosova Young Lawyers (KYL) from Kosovo, Dideas Formación from Spain, and Mladiinfo Montenegro from Montenegro for the Kick-off Meeting!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where equality is just a concept as many people face discrimination and prejudice daily. The goal of the local meeting in Zenica was exactly that, to educate young people about ways they can contribute to marginalized groups and thus, build a more inclusive, accepting society. Through this event, young people had an amazing chance to learn about different forms of discrimination and the urgency of promoting equality in all aspects of our society.

U vrijeme izazova koje je izazvala pandemija COVID-19, potreba za podrškom poduzetništvu i inovacijama nikada nije bila veća. Upravo u tom kontekstu kreirali smo brošuru kao rezultat projekta DREAM AFTER COVID, pružajući čitateljima priliku da istraže svijet poduzetništva, Dragon Dreaming metode i poduzetničkih ideja kreiranih u partnerskim državama - sve to na bosanskom jeziku.

BRAVO dolazi u Bihać! Iskoristi ovu odličnu priliku da nam se pridružiš u Bihaću gdje ćemo zajedno učiti o poziciji i pravima marginaliziranih skupina. Upravo ova radionica se implementira u sklopu Erasmus+ projekta ‘’AHEAD’’ koji nastoji potaknuti mlade osobe na borbu protiv govora mržnje, netolerancije i drugih oblika diskriminacije prema marginaliziranim skupinama.

From February 5th to 7th in Tirana, Albania, partners from Italy, Latvia, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, and representatives from BRAVO met to wrap up activities of the project "Sharing Design Your Job" (SDYJ). This initiative, which began with its implementation in March 2022 with a meeting in Sarajevo, aimed to create and test new ICT education programs and methodologies suitable for the systematic pre-qualification and re-training of unemployed or marginalized young people. This edition marked a continuation of the "Design Your Job" (DYJ) initiative, under which four projects had already been developed.

Who doesn't love a good public debate? On February 9th, we implemented AHEAD public debates at the Second Gymnasium in Zenica. Over 30 young participants engaged in debates covering the topic of the position of marginalized groups.

In the city of Tirana, Albania, partners gathered for a meeting centered around DIGIVOUGI, a project about vocal guidance and youth empowerment. Against the backdrop of Tirana's rich cultural heritage, participants engaged in dynamic discussions, presentations, and collaborative sessions. The meeting had focus on monitoring project progress at management and coordination levels, led by Psientifíca. Deliberations underscored the importance of systematic review and evaluation mechanisms to ensure alignment with project objectives and foster transparency among partners.

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