Improved Employability through Circular Economy Education for Adults” (IDEA) is a 24 months Cooperation partnership aimed at promoting Circular Economy and Sustainability among unemployed adults, by fostering a greater interaction between the European Green Deal and the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025

Third Transnational Project Meeting- Sharing Design Your Job

We have finished another transnational project meeting of the “Sharing – Design Your Job”. From the 19th to the 21st of May, this gathering took place in Foligno, Italy, where esteemed representatives from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Latvia, and Italy converged.

The ROMA Culture

The Roma have a rich cultural legacy that dates back centuries. The use of symbols, which serve as major expressions of their ideas, values, and traditions, is one of the most important components of their culture. These symbols can be found in a variety of forms, such as clothes, jewelry, and tattoos, and are frequently utilized to express messages of protection

Digital Habits and How to Inspire Good Ones

The internet has transformed the way we communicate, learn, and interact with the world. Young people today have grown up with this technology at their fingertips, and they often rely on it to stay connected and informed.

Testimonials – Youth Exchange ”Becoming Digitally Conscious” in Berlin, Germany

The experience of becoming digitally conscious through the youth exchange was truly beautiful. The organization of the project was executed exceptionally well, and I formed meaningful connections with every person involved. Participating in this type of project ignited a passion within me for project work, and I am eager to continue exploring similar opportunities.

Local Workshop – “Basic UX Design” – S-DYJ Project

As we already mentioned we will bring more workshops regarding IT skills. So here we are, another workshop was held under the project “Sharing Design Your Job” by Bosnian participants of the training course “Basic UX Design”.

How can we support Roma’s communities?

In numerous countries, Roma people have long endured structural prejudice, social isolation, and poverty. As a result, it is critical to support these groups and help to make improvements. Today, we’ll look at a few organizations that help Roma populations all across the world

The Kick-off Meeting for the “Developing Academic Education Tools and Methods of Traditional Sports and Games for Youth”

The Kick-off Meeting for the “Developing Academic Education Tools and Methods of Traditional Sports and Games for Youth” project was recently held at the World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC) Headquarters in Istanbul. This meeting marked the successful initiation of the project, which aims to develop academic education tools and methods to promote traditional sports and games among young people.

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