FASHIORATION – Nacionalni trening za mlade dizajnere i umjetnike

Mladi dizajneri okupili su se u Sarajevu u okviru BRAVO projekta “Fashioration” na trodnevnom trening kursu koji se održao između 01.02. i 03.02.2023. kako bi dodatno razvili svoje vještine i proširili znanje o bosanskohercegovačkoj tradiciji i kulturnoj nematerijalnoj baštini.


Coronavirus disease (COVID -19) is the first pandemic in history to use technology and social media on a large scale to keep people safe, informed, productive, and connected. At the same time, the technology we rely on to stay connected and informed is enabling and amplifying an infodemic that continues to undermine the global response and compromise pandemic control measures.

Open Call for 3 Participants for Training Course in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Sharing Design Your Job” project is a continuation of the “Design Your Job” (DYJ) initiative under which is developed 4 projects already. Three of them were financed by EACEA and one by Serbian NA. All projects under the “DYJ” initiative follow and contribute to the overall objective of “Creating and testing new ICT education programs and methodologies suitable for systematic prequalification and re-training of unemployed or marginalized young people”.

“BOOST HANDBOOK – Dissemination Event” – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The organization BRAVO, in partnership with international organizations, is focused on developing transversal skills. In today’s increasingly complex reality, the development of basic and transversal skills is a high priority in order to meet the demands of employers and the imperatives of specific citizenship, as the European Commission noted in the “New Skills Agenda for Europe” (2016).


The Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Law on the Protection of the Rights of Members of National Minorities in 2003. The law states that BiH will protect the position, equality and rights of 17 national minorities present in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH):

TOOL4YOUTH – Peer-to-Peer Activity

Main goal of the project „TOOL4YOUTH“ is to promote media literacy in the wider community and raise awareness about the false information and how to recognize it. Digital age has made it easy for everyone to place information on the internet without going through fact checking and other information checking tools.

Erasmus+ INFO DAY, Sarajevo, 19.01.2023.

Koliko puta ste čuli za riječ ERASMUS+, a niste sigurni šta to sve podrazumijeva? Ovo je prilika da saznate šta je to zapravo Erasmus+ te kako da iskoristite svoje vještine da bi ste napravili novi korak koji bi vam donio mnogo pogodnosti.

AHEAD – “Swimming to Nowhereland”

The 21st century is the age of new technologies, progress, competition in the construction of high skyscrapers that touch the clouds. Even in such an age, it is almost unbelievable to believe that somewhere in the middle of the merciless sea, people are trying to find a way to escape. A path that will bring them a…

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