Even though fin swimming still hasn’t become a widely recognized sport in BiH, it is surely growing its impact and popularity by stealing hearts of many. It is slowly finding its place, attracting people with its mix of fitness and underwater exploration.


The Erasmus+ project “Mermaids for Inclusion” plays an important role in promoting the sport of fin swimming. Through this project, the aim is to create a stronger sense of inclusion and unity within societies. By using the power of sports, particularly in the form of fin swimming, the project aims to provide a healthy and supportive environment for socially vulnerable groups and local communities to come together and foster interaction.

Fin swimming isn’t just about the physical challenge, it’s also about exploring underwater. In recent years, fin swimming has become a more competitive sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina as local clubs organize races and competitions, drawing participants of all ages and abilities. These events are crucial as they showcase competitors’ athletic skills and further, nurture the country’s culture of inclusion.


As interest in fin swimming grows in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are many efforts to promote the sport and make it more accessible. Training facilities and coaching programs are being set up to support budding athletes, while initiatives to raise awareness about water safety and conservation are also gaining traction.


Furthermore, fin swimming presents one unique opportunity for cultural exchange and international collaboration. Through participation in fin swimming events and competitions, athletes from Bosnia and Herzegovina have the opportunity to connect with their peers from around the world, fostering friendships and understanding across borders. This exchange of experiences and ideas contributes to the global growth and recognition of fin swimming as a sport not only in BiH but also, regionally.


We are just starting and the story of the project “Mermaids for Inclusion” will continue to bring positive changes in the society of BiH, while promoting sports spirit and nurturing diversity, inclusion, and gender equality.


The project “Mermaids for inclusion” introduces fin swimming as a method of inclusion of people with mental and physical disability and people of ethnic minorities to European society, while promoting the importance of gender equality. The length of the project is 2 years which will ensure enough time to set the foundation for fin swimming in partner countries. The specific goal of the project Mermaids for Inclusion is to establish fin swimming as a new sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo and to use the sports environment to promote awareness raising and inclusion regarding gender equality as well as integration of ethnic and religious minorities.


This will be achieved through advanced education tools and the transfer of good practice from the participating Member States (Croatia and Greece). Sport activities are a strong means for inclusion and cohesive societies, since sport can create a healthy and supportive environment for socially vulnerable groups and local communities to meet and interact. This is especially important in the region of Western Balkans with ongoing challenges regarding the inclusion of ethnic and religious minorities. The project also aims at advancing gender equality which is a relevant topic for the whole region of the Balkans which is traditionally dominated by patriarchal gender norms. In Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo there is still a dominating stereotype of women’s roles being mainly family-oriented and caretaking rather than actively participating in public life and business. The project will have a great impact not only on coaches, athletes and participating organizations that will be directly involved in the project, but also on wider community and relevant stakeholders by setting a model for good practice of using sport as a means for social integration.

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