Open Call for 5 participants for Youth Exchange in Austria

One of Europe’s most urgent issues nowadays is the increasing number of young people who lead sedentary lives which lack enough physical activity. According to WHO, one quarter of EU population does not meet the recommendations on physical activity. This problem needs to be addressed and mitigated as soon as possible since inactivity is always accompanied by numerous health issues, both mental and physical.

 Selection results for Training Course „STRIVE“ in Dilijan, Armenia

The project “STRIVE – Striving for Gender Equality Through Youth Work” aims to develop and improve the knowledge and understanding of youth workers involved in the project on various gender-related concepts, and analyze traditions, roles and perceptions of gender in different European countries and societies.

 Selection results for the project  ”You(th) for Youth Strategy” in Wuppertal, Germany

There is a need for youth work capacity improvement of rural youth workers regarding to adapt creative and innovative youth work methods into their youth work realities and based on the needs of their rural youth in order to empower them, support to find their talents and encourage them to become active citizens of their rural communities. There is a need for cooperation among rural youth workers in order to support rural youth in recognizing the values of rural lives and how they can benefit from it.

Selection results for Training Course „Make Erasmus Great Again“ in Navarredonda de Gredos, Spain

As youth workers we believe that there is a lot of room for improvement in how entities approach the conflicts and situations they encounter. We believe that if youth workers have the opportunity to train and share best practices in aspects such as conflict situations, misunderstandings and diversity, future young people who participate in their mobilities will have a better and more enriching experience.

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