We are thrilled to announce that the training for trainers “MEDIActive Youth” is currently being implemented in Belgrade, Serbia! Hosted by CDER, this 10-day Training Course brought together 24 dedicated youth workers/trainers from 6 partner NGOs across the Balkans. Led by seasoned CDER trainers, this transformative program is equipping participants with invaluable skills in news literacy, critical thinking, and media activism.


In the workshops, participants are working together and getting involved in a lively curriculum to boost their understanding of news knowledge today. They’re taking notes and absorbing what they learn, going through sessions that help them think critically for the current times where truth can be hard to find.

They’re having lively talks, breaking down tricky media tricks, and figuring out what’s fake in a lot of information. Isn’t that amazing? Trust us when we say – you can feel everyone’s excitement as they work hard to get better at understanding media and writing, armed with new knowledge to handle the always-changing media world better.


The workshops are excellent, perfectly tailored to educate participants on new tactics and methods of information control and writing, with organizers who are always supportive and accessible, especially when participants need assistance in writing their articles. The participants have an opportunity to concentrate on their critical thinking, media activism, and news literacy abilities during the training sessions. They gained knowledge about how to spot fake news, detect manipulative media tactics, and comprehend social media dynamics and algorithms. By means of hands-on exercises, they are enhancing their capacity to identify trustworthy sources of data and compose impactful media pieces.


Additionally, this project promotes civic engagement, cultural understanding, and social responsibility. It helps individuals navigate the complex media landscape and make informed decisions about the media they consume. The participants also learned many rules on how to write constructive articles that provide interesting insights, especially among youth. Thus, they had a chance to write different articles, covering topics such as gender inclusion, post-conflict reconciliation, and much more.


The Training Course is fostering cooperation and cross-cultural exchange among participants while offering a thorough understanding of media literacy and critical thinking. This is one unique journey of learning and empowerment and we will yet hear about MEDIActive Youth who are bound to shape a brighter future for the Balkans!

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