Training Course “Colors of Europe” Successfully Combats Hate Speech and Promotes Inclusion


The “Colors of Europe” training course, held in Vilnius, Lithuania, from February 28 to March 7, has successfully concluded, empowering 40 youth workers from 13 European countries to combat hate speech, prejudices, and racism.


Organized by Emituras (LT), the training course brought together passionate youth workers eager to make a difference in their communities. Through a series of workshops, discussions, and practical exercises, participants delved into strategies to recognize, challenge, and ultimately, transform discriminatory attitudes and behaviors.


“We are thrilled with the outcome of the ‘Colors of Europe’ training course,” said the project coordinator. “The dedication and enthusiasm of the participants were truly inspiring, and we are confident that they will be able to effect positive change in their communities.”

Participants engaged in activities aimed at raising awareness of cultural diversity, understanding the impact of hate speech, and developing practical skills to address these issues in their work. The training emphasized the importance of using media and creative methods to combat discrimination effectively.


“The training was a transformative experience,” said Andrian Pavalachi, a youth worker from Romania. “I feel more equipped and motivated than ever to combat hate speech and racism in my community.”


The “Colors of Europe” training course exemplifies the commitment of European youth workers to creating a more tolerant and inclusive Europe. Through collaboration and education, these dedicated individuals are making a significant impact in the fight against discrimination.


For more information about the “Colors of Europe” training course and future initiatives, please contact Emituras NGO.

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