“Having the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers and coordinators of the “Empower HER” project has shown me numerous acts of creativity and completely fulfilled my expectations leaving me with knowledge for my personal and professional development. I would like to highlight creative workshops that further gave us many improvements in our skill set when it comes to communications and entrepreneurship. We noticed right away that this is not just about our workshops only, it is also about making an impact on youth, meeting successful women who can inspire us, and help us in professional upbringing as well. Seeing the diversity of not just the group only but the fields of the project as well gave me even more motivation for my development because it showed me that our participation in ERASMUS+ projects will contain various exciting interactions that will for sure have a long-lasting impact on us. I would love to add that our determination, creativity, teamwork and many more good qualities gave us one amazing forever memory. I have enjoyed my week in Greece and I am really grateful for this experience.” Esma Sultanović

“Participating in the “Empower HER” training course in Greece was an enriching and inspiring journey. Collaborating with passionate and skilled organizers, along with the diverse group of participants from different countries, provided me with a wealth of knowledge that has significantly enhanced both my personal and professional life. The diversity within our group and the broad scope of the project enriched the overall experience, motivating me to push my boundaries and explore new opportunities. I truly believe that one of the most important aspects of ERASMUS+ projects is their promotion of diverse and meaningful interactions, which significantly contribute to personal growth. The innovative workshops were particularly impactful, offering us valuable lessons in teamwork, communication, and entrepreneurship. These sessions went beyond theoretical knowledge, providing practical skills and insights that we can apply in real-world scenarios.” – Sajra Mušanović

“Taking part in the “Empower HER“ project was a massive honor for me. Being able to participate in creative and captivating workshops left me more knowledgeable and equipped with soft skills. This was my first experience with BRAVO, and I can honestly say that my expectations were beyond met. BRAVO offered us a great opportunity and supported my team and me through the entire process. This approach by BRAVO made me feel safe and stable from departing from Bosnia and Herzegovina to landing back. One of many great things I that would like to point out are workshops with the group in Greece. All participants were friendly, kind, cooperative, open-minded, and welcoming. The training course had some interesting workshops/exercises, that brought out the best in us. I feel great pride in mentioning that the team from Bosnia and Herzegovina did a good job in presenting current state of women in professional settings, offering objective insight, statistics, and our own opinions. That is why I think training courses can give opportunities to our youth to shine and excel, representing our country in the best light. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and would recommend it to everybody.” – Medina Zubača

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