This Erasmus+ Youth Exchange is currently being implemented and let us tell you something – it is truly a MasterChef TV show. Young participants are working in intercultural environment while learning about traditional recipes, other cultures, being connected by one out of many things – food! 


The Youth Exchange project aims to bring a new perspective on nutrition and health, emphasizing the place and importance of food in our culture. The project addresses the basics of good nutrition, healthy food processing, and preparation methods, and encourages cultural exchange by enabling participants from different countries to introduce each other to their traditional dishes. Participants are getting the opportunity to learn about forgotten traditional dishes and the transfer of this valuable heritage to future generations.

Through interactive sessions, participants learn about the dangers of unhealthy eating and ways to create a good connection between nutrition and sports. This Youth Exchange provided participants with the opportunity to benefit from rich cultural interaction and share their own experiences. In this way, the project aims to foster mutual understanding and respect among the project participants and to raise awareness about healthy lifestyles within a broad cultural framework.


This Erasmus+ Youth Exchange presents one special journey for participants as they are learning more about themselves and enhancing their skills. By engaging in sessions where they get the opportunity to learn about other cultures, they are broadening their culinary horizons and also developing crucial life skills such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability.


They are not only creating delicious meals but also creating friendships and a strong network of young change-makers. This project is truly something special as it is creating a generation of empowered individuals who are destined to make a positive impact on the world.


As this project comes to an end, our participants will carry with them the memories they have made. This journey will surely be one to remember, and we will continue to inspire others the same way we were inspired throughout the project.

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