“Embarking on this cultural exchange journey was like stepping into a world of endless discovery and connection. Meeting people from diverse cultures and immersing myself in their culinary traditions opened my eyes to the beauty of global diversity. But what truly made this experience unforgettable was the incredible people I met along the way, each leaving an imprint of cherished memories in my heart. It’s hard to put into words the depth of gratitude I feel for the incredible days spent with such remarkable individuals. Every participant brought a unique light into our shared experiences, enriching my life in ways I never imagined possible. I’m thankful for all the support, and unforgettable moments that will forever be etched in my heart.” Dženeta Fazlić
„I’m delighted to say that this was my first Youth Exchange. I had the nicest time ever on this youth exchange, meeting people from other cultures and learning about their cuisine. In addition, I met a diverse spectrum of people with whom I will always have memorable memories. I learned about my country’s traditional meals and how we can make our dishes healthy with a few easy modifications. I really enjoyed trying new foods and discovering how enjoyable varied cultures are. We visited Bosnia and Herzegovina’s historic cities and hidden gems, including a castle in Počitelj and the Old Bridge in Mostar. It was so much fun to act like like a tourist in my own country. To be honest, I wish it could have gone on forever, but I am confident that this experience brought us all together and that this is not the end of the story, but rather the beginning of one massive cookbook of many cultures and memories!“  – Mubina Hodžić
„I expected from this project that it would be more based on our countries and our wonderful culture, and I did not think that we would have so many physical activities to wake up our bodies in the morning. On this project, I practiced how to speak in front of a large group that I didn’t know. In the past, I always had a feeling of insecurity and stress when I would stand up and speak, but on this project, I broke that fear. I had several situations, and one of them was that I talked about the history of my homeland and taught the audience about my beautiful country. Also, this is the first time that I have been speaking English in real life for such a long time and developing my social skills and abilities. I learned a lot about other countries. The most interesting thing about the food was a big volcanic egg, which the Lithuanians presented to us during their cultural night. I made a lot of friends and met even more. During the project, I didn’t even think about how sad I would be when everyone slowly left and returned to their homes.“ – Emelin Hasanspahić
“Through sharing our traditional meals and learning how to give them a healthy twist, I not only discovered the richness of my own country’s cuisine but also reveled in the joy of trying new flavors from around the world. Exploring the historic cities and hidden gems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the majestic castle in Počitelj to the iconic Old Bridge in Mostar, filled me with a sense of wonder and excitement.But beyond the sights and tastes, this journey became a transformative experience. I never imagined that I would overcome my fear of public speaking and insecurity about sharing my heritage with strangers. Yet, through various activities and opportunities, I found the courage to stand tall and proudly speak about the history and beauty of my homeland.” – Ena Ramić
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