“Through my participation in this media literacy project, I have acquired many skills and benefits. These include the ability to think critically and analyze media messages, an increased awareness of media bias and manipulation, improved skills in evaluating the credibility of sources, and enhanced digital literacy. Additionally, this project promotes civic engagement, cultural understanding, and social responsibility. It helps individuals navigate the complex media landscape and make informed decisions about the media they consume. We also learned many rules on how to write constructive articles that provide interesting insights, especially among youth.” Emina Bilalović

“I concentrated on my critical thinking, media activism, and news literacy abilities during the training session. I learned how to spot fake news, detect manipulative media tactics, and comprehend social media dynamics and algorithms. Using hands-on exercises, I enhanced my capacity to identify trustworthy sources of data and compose impactful media pieces. I also looked at efforts at post-conflict reconciliation from an EU and Balkan viewpoint. All things considered, the program fostered cooperation and cross-cultural exchange among participants while offering a thorough understanding of media literacy and critical thinking.” – Amina Vejselović
“Participating in the MEDIAcitve Youth training was a great experience, particularly due to the opportunity to collaborate with participants from the rest of the Western Balkan countries. The workshops were excellent, perfectly tailored to teach us new tactics and methods of information control and writing, with organizers who were always supportive and accessible, especially when we needed assistance in writing our own articles. I’ve had a chance to write about gender-inclusive vaccination against the HPV virus and how the promotion of boys getting shots could enhance public health and deal with different forms of cancer among Balkan youth. All in all, it was a great bonding experience which also taught us some pretty useful skills I hope to use in the future.” – Kenan Fehrić
“In the Mediactive Youth program, we had sessions on film, the geography and history of the Balkans, and academic writing. It was very informative, and we started writing our articles on social issues. I chose to write about the preservation of minority languages because of my interest in linguistics. The experienced facilitators gave me valuable feedback on my work. I also met many new people from the region, enriching my experience further.” – Vanja Gojić
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