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World Autism Awareness day 2021

World Autism Awareness day 2021

There are worlds that need love, friendship, and tenderness. Today we peeked into one such world- These are our new friends from the Association for Creative Learning “Mak.”

On the occasion of celebrating the 2nd of April, World Autism Awareness Day, BRAVO volunteers visited the children of the association “Mak” and shared sincere smiles and sweet snacks with them!

The association for creative learning “Mak” aims to creatively improve, motivate and encourage the learning of children, parents, and all those who want continuous growth. The association discusses lifelong learning, and one of the active projects is “Mama cup of tea,” when moms come for tea and children participate in some creative activities. The association is currently working with thirteen children. In the coming period, they will be joined by ten more children whose parents are currently undergoing training, during which they are introduced to learning methods.

BRAVO always strives to point out the importance of the inclusion of people with autistic disorders in all spheres of society to achieve a better quality of life for all of us!

We really hope that as a society we will learn that it is okay to be different and that we will pay more attention to each others!

What is Autism?

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, is a developmental disorder that is characterized by significant challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. People with autism often have difficulties understanding what other people think and feel. Because of that, it can behard for them to express themselves with words, through gestures, facial expressions, and touch. There is not only one form of autism but many subtypes, most influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Since autism is a spectrum disorder, each person with this disorder has their own distinct set of strengths and challenges. That being said, autism can be a minor problemfor some or a disability that needs full-time care in a special facility for others.

The cause of autism is not known and there is no known cure for it. It continues throughout an individual’s life. Autism occurs all over the world in any socioeconomic background, race, or ethnicity. Boys are affected more than girls. Additionally, it seems to run in families, which indicates a possible genetic link to the disorder.

Symptoms of autism are usually noticeable by age two or three. Numerous research have shown that an early intervention for people with autism leads to positive outcomes later in their life. Different specialists, such as physicians, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, or physical therapists, can play a role in the evaluation process for a diagnosis of autism. These specialists can work together in order to help develop and implement intervention plans along with parents or caregivers. The goals of the interventions are to improve social interaction, communication, and/or behavior to enable better functioning in daily activities for the person with autism at home, school, and in their community.

World Autism Awareness Day

The UN General Assembly had declared April the 2ndas World Autism Awareness Day in order to “highlight the need to help improve the quality of life of those with autism so they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society”. April the 2nd, 2021, was the fourteenth time this day has been celebrated, the first being in 2008. As you might know, the color blue is often linked to autism. The idea originates from the autism advocacy association known as ‘’Autism Speaks’’. Their “Light it Up Blue” campaign invites people to wear blue to promote autism awareness, and because of this on April the 2nd we can see a lot of blue being shown off. Blue is also the organization’s primary color, and is linked with a calm feeling as well as acceptance in an otherwise loud world for people on the spectrum.

How did the BRAVO celebrate World Autism Awareness Day?

Our ESC volunteers from Turkey are currently volunteering in the Association for Creative Learning  ‘‘Mak’’ in Vogošća. It is a nonprofit association that aims to improve, motivate, and encourage the learning of children, parents, and others who seek continuous growth, in a creative way. The Association focuses on lifelong learning and is currently working with 13 children. Ten more children are expected to join in the upcoming period, as their parents are undergoing training where they are learning more about and exploring learning methods.

In order to celebrate the special day of autism awareness, our volunteers surprised the children of the Association with a delicious cake, bringing them genuine smiles and sweet bites while taking all precautions necessary against COVID-19. It was a truly meaningful experience to see the children’s joy. Days like these are important to the BRAVO and we always strive to celebrate them. We aim to promote the importance of inclusion of people with autism, and other disorders, to improve the quality of life for all of us. ‘‘Autism is not a disability, it is a different ability!’’


Dear interested humans out there!

BRAVO is declaring a brand-new OPEN CALL FOR NEW VOLUNTEERS! With that being said, we assume that you are interested to get basic information about the idea of a BRAVO volunteer. We think that the only right way to define the idea is to let people who have already joined speak about their reasons for joining and their experience in working with BRAVO. You can also check our work on our social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Before you run off to our social media profiles, we kindly recommend you to scroll down and check our requirements, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you – it wouldn’t be exciting if it wasn’t different.

Welcome to


What are the requirements for becoming a BRAVO volunteer?

You have to be:

  • 16 to 35 years old
  • Know the English language (enough to establish communication)
  • Enthusiastic and eager to learn and develop
  • Open-minded and sociable
  • Hard-working and motivated
  • Ready to take trips inside of Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad
  • Willing to participate in our activities
  • Being able to connect with us in office and/or online over the internet
  • Human lover

These requirements are formed based on our experience in working with young people, who have been able to develop in their professional and personal fields within that work. We would like to provide assistance in the process of gaining valuable experience and skills that would bring only benefits in your professional life.   

What can you excpect from BRAVO?

You will have:

  • A supportive and friendly working atmosphere
  • Major skill development in professional fields
  • Gather knowledge through experience in numerous fields including project management, activism, social media management, European programs for youth, organizational management, human rights and democracy
  • Opportunity to participate in activities and be rewarded
  • Chance to meet new people and explore new cultures
  • Take part in local and international BRAVO projects
  • Being given the freedom of creation by leading certain activities
  • Having selection advantages in all BRAVO activities compared to the wider masses
  • Financial bonuses for good work and contribution through activities and projects
  • Opportunities to explore Europe

BRAVO people are group of enthusiasts who wholeheartedly believe in the idea that young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina should have a chance to develop personally and professionally just like their peers from other countries considered to be more developed.

What BRAVO expects from you?

Our requirements are already stated. As of that, if you think that you satisfy them, we expect that you also live up to them! We would like for you to take active part in our activities. BRAVO offers tasks daily and they are not given to you but rather assigned if you are willing enough to take action. The idea of being a volunteer has a full meaning of “voluntarism” in your willingness to actually do something.

Selection process flow:

Round 1 – Application review

Round 2 – Interviews with members of BRAVO

Round 3 – General meeting sessions with new members

Round 4 – Trial period of 2 months

Round 5 – Signing of volunteer contract with BRAVO

Finally, if you read all of the above and in any case found it interesting, we encourage you to apply to become our volunteer by filling out the application below.




  1. Complete the BRAVO- APPLICATION FORM with CV and Motivation Letter in English.

  2. Deadline for applying: 15.02.2021.

  3. Prelection results: 20.02.2021.

  4. Interviews with BRAVO board members: From 20.02 – 25.02.2020.

  5. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]


Ahmed Oruč, Zenica

Sve je počelo veoma brzo kada sam saznao za ERAMUS+, drug koji imao mnogo iskustva  u razmjeni studenata predložio mi je da se i ja prijavim. Nakon razgovora sa koordinatorom  ERAMUSA+ za Bosnu i Hercegovinu odlučio sam da se aktivno uključim, također sa sigurnošću mogu reći da je to jedan od naboljih programa za mlade u BiH. Moj prvi projekat na Erasmus+ programu desio se ubrzo…

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Bakir Alijagić, Visoko

Od svog postojanja BRAVO je imao priliku poslati mnoge mlade i aktivne ljude u razne zemlje Europe i svijeta. Svoje Erasmus+ iskustvo sa nama je podijelio i Bakir Alijagić. Jedno od mojih najboljih iskustava u životu jeste moje iskustvo sa Erasmus+ programom gdje sam učešćem na Tolerance+ projektu proveo jedanaest dana u Slanic Moldovi, skromnoj ljepoti Rumunije, sa fenomenalnih pedeset ljudi iz deset različitih zemalja širom Evrope

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Bekir Močević, Sarajevo

Moj prvi projekat u okviru Erasmus+ programa je bio u Makedoniji u gradu Kavadarci. Ime projekta “Shoot for the stars”. Projekat je trajao 7 dana. U tih sedam dana sam prije svega i upoznao dosta novih ljudi (prijatelja). Upoznao nove kulture zemalja kao sto su: Bugarska, Italija, Slovenija.

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Senad Halilović, Sarajevo

Prije više od pet godina počinje moja prića o međunarodnim projektima , jedne prilike na sastanku omladine Crvenog križa , tadašnji predsjednik je predložio svim

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Tarik Vilajet, Sarajevo

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Faris Dizdar

Nam vel neque non purus aliquet vestibulum. Donec quis metus vitae nulla pretium congue. Nulla facilisi. Morbi non vehicula velit.

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🔥 Otvoren poziv za nove “BRAVO” članove i “BRAVO” lidere 🔥

BRAVO tim ima važnu vijest da podijeli sa vama – a to je da smo konačno OTVORILI POZIV ZA NOVE VOLONTERE, NAŠE NOVE ČLANOVE! Nakon što smo dobili na desetke upita od mnogo vas širom Bosne i Hercegovine, odlučili smo da je krajnje vrijeme da proširimo BRAVO porodicu.

Mi smatramo da je volontiranje najbolji hobi na svijetu, a da bi saznali zašto je to tako odvojite 15ak minuta vašeg vremena i pročitajte ovaj poziv do kraja – obećavamo da ćemo biti kreativni, jasni i ne tako kratki! Kada smo razgovarali o otvaranju poziva za nove volontere, prisjetili smo se 2 osnovna pitanja koja smo imali kada smo i mi počinjali sa volontiranjem a to su:

Šta je to volontiranje?

Ovo je najčešće pitanje koje svako postavi kada čuje pojam ‘volontiranje’, pri čemu je najčešći odgovor ljudi oko nas da je to ‘besplatan rad’. Mi smatramo da je ovo najgori mogući odgovor koji ne objašnjava niti najmanji dijelić ove odlične aktivnosti. Akademski rečeno, volontiranje dolazi od latinske riječi ‘voluntas’ što znači lični izbor ili slobodna volja, a praktično rečeno volontiranje je angažovanje jedne ili više osoba u aktivnostima koje ih čine sretnima, sposobnijima i pametnijima. Kako? Vrlo lahko – tako što putem svoje vlastite volje a ličnim izborom odaberete ono što vas zanima i odlučite da svoje vrijeme provedete radeći tu aktivnost kada to hoćete i koliko to hoćete. Jedan od osnivača BRAVO-a, Edelhida, nam je rekla koje su to nju aktivnosti zanimale i zašto je odlučila da se time bavi:

‘Ljubav prema diskusijama, razgovorima i razmjenama mišljenja je oduvijek bila moja najdraža aktivnost. Odlučila sam da volontiram kako bi dobila priliku da upoznam ljude iz cijelog svijeta sa različitim životnim pričama i iskustvima kako bi izgradila samu sebe kao osobu kroz komunikaciju sa drugim ljudima. To mi je pomoglo i prilikom upisa na Pravni fakultet a kasnije i u profesionalnoj karijeri.

Šta znači biti volonter?

Prednost volontiranja je u mogućnosti vlastitog odabira aktivnosti koje želite raditi, koliko dugo ih želite raditi ali i s kim to želite raditi. Ukoliko ste osoba koja je povučenija i koja voli da radi u kancelariji i organizira posao, možete to da budete. Ako ste kreativac koji želi da ispolji svoju kreativnost u duruštveno korisnom radu, možete to da budete. Ako ste osoba koja obožava da bude u gomili ljudi, možete to da budete. Pitali smo i našeg člana, Adnana, šta za njega znači biti volonter a on nam je rekao:

‘Biti volonter za mene znači biti dio odličnih priča koje mijenjaju našu svakodnevnicu. To znači da sam koristan sebi ali i svojoj zajednici u kojoj živim. Moj život je u mojim rukama jer mogu da utičem na promjene koje se dešavaju.’

Kako se postaje volonter u BRAVO-u i kako mi to radimo?

Sami proces prijave započinje popunjavanjem ONLINE APLIKACIJE koju možete naći na kraju ovog članka a u kojem odgovarate na nekoliko jednostavnih pitanja i pišete šta je to vaša motivacija/zađto želite da se pridružite BRAVO timu. U ovom dijelu budite potpuno opušteni jer mi vas ne pitamo za prosjek ocjena, kakav ste student i šta se radili do sad – mi želimo da znamo vaše interese, želje i planove i kako možemo zajedno da krenemo tim putem.

Nakon što pošaljete aplikaciju koju ste ispravno popunili (ne zaboravite da je minimalni broj riječi motivacije 500), mi ćemo vas obavijestiti ukoliko ste prošli prvi krug. Ukoliko ste prošli prvi, onda vam zakazujemo intervju sa najmanje 2 člana našeg tima i ukoliko je to moguće, direktorom BRAVO organizacije.

Ukoliko prođete i drugi krug, tada dolazimo do finalne faze u kojoj se još jednom nalazimo na zajedničkom okupljanju sa svim ostalim kandidatima kako bi se svi upoznali i imali otvorenu diskusiju o mogućnostima koje vam se nude kroz BRAVO.

Prilikom procesa odabira novih volontera, BRAVO tim obavlja razgovor sa svakom osobom posebno kako bi se upoznali i shvatili kakve su vaše potrebe, želje i interesi te u skladu s tim, dogovaramo se o aktivnostima kojima biste se vi bavili i šta biste radili. Ono što mi želimo jeste da vi budete sretni i zadovoljni sa onim što radite.

Ono što također možete da odlučite jeste da li želite da se kao član BRAVO-a izgradite kao volonter ili omladinski lider, a koji su to preduslovi pročitajte niže u tekstu:

Volonteri treba da su:

  1. u dobi između 16 i 30 godina;
  2. sa osnovnim znanjem Engleskog jezika (nije isključiv uvjet);
  3. kreativni i fleksibilni;
  4. aktivni i dinamični;
  5. otvorenog uma i razmišljanja;
  6. komunikativni;
  7. poduzetni;
  8. timski igrači;
  9. društveno odgovorni i humani;
  10. voljni da uče o ljudskim pravima i demokratiji.

Omladinski lideri treba da imaju:

  1. poznavanje engleskog jezika;
  2. liderske vještine;
  3. iskustvo sa radom na projektima ili željni da dobiju iskustvo na projektima;
  4. iskustvo u vođenju i koordinisanju ljudi i/ili projekata;
  5. razumjevanje za korištenje društvenih mreža;
  6. poznavanje tema i programa na Europskoj razini, uključujući mlade;
  7. kulturu i Europske programe;
  8. poznavanje rada sa mladim;
  9. poznavanje nevladinog sektora;
  10. poznavanje i/ili zainteresovanost za neki od BRAVO sektora (Europski projekti i programi, poduzetništvo, sport, fotografija i video, ljudska prava, jednakost spolova, borba protiv govora mržnje ili neki drugi..);
  11. komunikativnost i fleksibilnost;
  12. timski rad;
  13. spremnost za putovanja i predstavljanja BRAVO organizacije na Europskim projektima.

A šta BRAVO nudi vama ako postanete dio naše porodice?

  1. sticanje novih vještina;
  2. rad na ličnom razvoju;
  3. upravljanje različitim projektima;
  4. mogućnosti putovanja;
  5. stvaranje kontakta sa međunarodnim okruženjem;
  6. učešće na kulturnim i zabavnim događajima;
  7. korištenje kancelarijskog prostora za dodatno školovanje/učenje/obrazovanje i vježbanje;
  8. pohađanje obuka i konferencija;
  9. lakši pristup tržištu rada;
  10. usavršavanje u izvršavanju dnevnih zadataka;
  11. dobijate mogućnost izgradnje kapaciteta mreža;
  12. da učite od drugih i dijelite svoju stručnost s drugima;
  13. da promovišete svoje projekte, ideje i rad globalnoj publici;
  14. umrežavanje, razmjena znanja i iskustava unutar naših mreža;
  15. priliku da upoznate nove ljude iz cijelog svijeta;
  16. da proširite svoje lične i profesionalne mreže.

Kao BRAVO volonteri uvijek ćete biti ohrabreni da iskažete vaše želje i afinitete, a BRAVO tim će se pobrinuti da vam kroz raznolik angažman osigura što bolje iskustvo.

Da bi saznali nešto više o nama, o onome šta radimo, čime se bavimo ali i kako to radimo, pogledajte naš Godišnji izvještaj za 2019 godinu.

Nadamo se da smo uspjeli odgovoriti na pitanje zašto smatramo da je volontiranje najbolji hobi na svijetu te vas s toga još jednom pozivamo da i vi postanete dio ove priče i naše porodice.


Popunite BRAVO APLIKACIONU FORMU za nove volontere na bosanskom ili engleskom jeziku do 23:59 na dan roka za prijavu.

– Rok za prijavu: 15.07.2019.
– Rezultati selekcije/poziv na intervijuu: 20.07.2020.

– Intervijui: 25.07 – 31.07.2020.

Za sva pitanja, budite slobodni da nam se javite na: [email protected]


BRAVO with partners announce a call for 5 participants for a TRAINING COURSE in Budy Głogowskie, POLAND from 22.09 – 30.09.2020. for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and those living in this country.

  • Name of the project: “Social and Urban Business May be a Treasure! – SUBMIT!
  • Date of Project:  22.09 – 30.09.2020.  
  • Applicant organization: “FUNDACIJA CiM”
  • Hosting organization:  “FUNDACIJA CiM”
  • Sending organizations: “BRAVO
  • Place: Budy Głogowskie, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland
  • Participants age: 18+
  • The number of participants: 5
  • Working language: English
  • Deadline for applying: 05.07.2020

This project is financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Program. This publication reflects the view only of the author, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. By Erasmus+ rules organizers will cover travel costs, accommodation and food.

About the Project:

“Social and Urban Business May be a Treasure!” is a Training Course (TC) that aims to gather in Sanok (Poland), from 22.09 – 30/09/2020 (7 working days+ 2 travel day), 45 youth workers from 9 countries (Poland, Italy, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia and North Macedonia). The Training Course aim is to explore the concept of social and urban entrepreneurship as an innovative way to solve social problems using entrepreneurial skills and youth voice. It is an attempt to give an appropriate answer to the problems that young people from disadvantaged throughout Europe are facing in the present: the high percentage of unemployment.

For the reasons mentioned above, the objectives of the TC are:

– to empower young people raising their self-esteem stimulating their creativity and sense of entrepreneurship;

– to raise awareness in the participants on key competencies and develop different methods for using them in practice within social projects, developing and matching them with the new requirements of Erasmus with their organizations;

– to develop cooperation among different organizations coming from Slavic countries and Mediterranean;

– to incentive young people to get involved in NGOs, youth activities, into local authorities, into international opportunities that arise. Also, for them to stay and/or return to their communities, be active citizens and contribute to the realization of changes. We believe we can contribute to this goal through non-formal ways, moving down-up.

Regarding the issues we want to tackle in the project, we intend to include the following:

– Youth Unemployment, by highlighting the educational and boundless opportunities that exist and promoting active and proactive responses to them. Through its contribution to the decrease of unemployment, the project can also help to revitalize disadvantaged areas;

– Creativity and entrepreneurship, with the intention to practice empowerment of young people in order to make them aware of their own values and competencies stressing their creativity and the capacity to create new job opportunities for themselves;

– Awareness about the nature of youth work through exploring the advantages, providing examples of youth work, trying to make the participants understand its purpose and meaning, as well as its impact on society, specifically on their communities and on their personal development.

The project is involving 9 partner organizations from European countries.

About Training Course:

The training course is based on the pedagogical understanding of the Council of Europe and European Commission Partnership Programme and our own experience and expertise in health- enhancing physical activities, youth work and intercultural dialogue. The training course will follow the non-formal education approach, principles and methods and will be based on participants experience and exchange. A combination of different creative, participatory and interactive method will be used and designed upon the profile of participants, some of them being:

  • theoretical themes and lectures;
  • individual/group activities;
  • group games and exercises,
  • simulations and role-plays;
  • work on examples in a small group;
  • sport and outdoor activities,
  • discussions; etc.

The learning of new skills, the acquisition of knowledge and the exchange and challenge of each other’s attitude and experience are very important for this training course.

The project is a Training Course where we plan to bring youth workers from 9 different European countries (in total 45, 5 from Poland, 5 from Italy, 5 from Montenegro, 5 from Romania, 5 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5 from Bulgaria, 5 from Turkey, 5 from Serbia and 5 from North Macedonia) that work direct or indirectly with disadvantaged urban/rural young people. This phase will be dedicated to foster quality improvements in youth work through developing the skills of participants in the work with youth and learning about various non-formal methods. We will achieve this thanks to enhancing cooperation between different organizations involved in the project implementation. The general structure of the project is organized as follows:

Setting the frame

  1. Professional development:
    – BMI counting
    – Social Entrepreneurship,
    – Sustainable Development, using social media to promote social business,
    – project management,
    – B2B & B2C 3.
  2. Personal development:
    – self-confidence,
    – self-awareness, skills,
    – creativity, teamwork, communication
    – learning a foreign language, body language
    – management
  3. Exchange and transfer of knowledge:
    – video presentations on different successful social enterprises,
    – reliable sources of information,
    – interactive discussion stimulator conversation with experts
  4. Sustainable approach&European cooperation:
    – action plan Evaluation: daily feedbacks, participants reflections, testimonials, diaries, article creation
  5. Dissemination:
    – PPT presentation
    – Cultural contact:_
    – traditional meal,
    – evening activities about the food culture of participating countries,
    – city visiting,
    – contact with local people.

Participants’ Profile:

Participants: 5 participants per country (18+)

Who: youth workers, activists, representatives of NGOs, volunteers, students…

Gender: No matter

Language: English

Coordinating/hosting organisation: FUNDACIJA CiM

The Foundation deals with:

  • Promoting democratic values, initiating and supporting innovative solutions in various areas of social life, especially in protecting human and civil rights and freedoms, in protecting family life and social prevention.
  • Supporting the comprehensive development of Polish society and especially social, informational, cultural, scientific and educational activities for the development of the market and democracy in Poland and the rapprochement of nations and states of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Promoting the idea of unity of the Slavs, initiating support and developing cooperation at all levels of government and local government.
  • Expanding mutual knowledge about the culture and relationships of the Slavic peoples and the Cyrillo-Methodian tradition.
  • Education about European knowledge / values, exchange and transfer of experience gained in the fields of cooperation with the European Union institutions.
  • initiating, planning and implementing joint ventures aimed at education and youth exchange in the spirit of learning about cultures.
  • Care and development of a common culture of Slavic nations.
  • Developing and strengthening attitudes focused on active cooperation in the development of civil society.
  • Activities for organizations whose statutory objectives are: scientific, scientific and technical, educational, cultural activities, in the field of physical culture and sport, environmental protection, charity, health protection and social assistance, vocational and social rehabilitation of invalids.
  • Activities for professional and social integration and reintegration of persons at risk of social exclusion
  • Protection and promotion of health
  • Activities for European integration and development of contacts and cooperation between societies
  • Activities supporting economic development, including the development of entrepreneurship
  • Activities on favor of national and ethnic minorities

Information about the city (VENUE):

Promotion Center NATURA 2000 in Budy Głogowskie

Budy Głogowskie 836 A
36-060 Głogów Małopolski


Travel Budget:

Poland0 euros / participant
Bosnia and Herzegovina275 euros / participant
Italy275 euros / participant
Montenegro275 euros / participant
Bulgaria275 euros / participant
Romania275 euros / participant
Turkey275 euros / participant
Serbia275 euros / participant
The Republic of North Macedonia275 euros / participant

Travel costs reimbursement

Reimbursement is calculated based on the distance calculator of the European Commission. At the arrival, all participants must provide flight reservation, all original tickets and boarding passes. They must send by post the return tickets and boarding passes to an email address which will be provided.

Travel costs will be reimbursed only for the cheapest means of transportation. Acceptable means of transportation for the project are: plane, bus, train, metro or ferry, NOT taxi and NOT a car.

Currency exchange

For those who wish to change their currency into POLISH ZLOTY, we suggest to do it at the airport as in this are you will have no possibility to do it.


It is a cool weather in Poland in September.

Temperature: at night 18-20 C°, day 25-26 C°.


  1. Complete the BRAVO- APPLICATION FORM in English title as following ”name of the project you are applying for” until 23:59 on deadline day.
  2. Deadline for applying: 05.07.2020 
  3. Selection results: 10.07.2020.
    – BRAVO Volunteers – NO PAX FEE
    – External BiH participants– 25€ for selected people
    – For other organizations, all selected participants need to contact sending organization via email.
  5. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]