Dear interested humans out there!

BRAVO is declaring a brand-new OPEN CALL FOR NEW VOLUNTEERS! With that being said, we assume that you are interested to get basic information about the idea of a BRAVO volunteer. We think that the only right way to define the idea is to let people who have already joined speak about their reasons for joining and their experience in working with BRAVO. You can also check our work on our social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Before you run off to our social media profiles, we kindly recommend you to scroll down and check our requirements, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you – it wouldn’t be exciting if it wasn’t different.

What are the requirements for becoming a BRAVO volunteer?

You have to be:

  • 16 to 35 years old
  • Know the English language (enough to establish communication)
  • Enthusiastic and eager to learn and develop
  • Open-minded and sociable
  • Hard-working and motivated
  • Ready to take trips inside of Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad
  • Willing to participate in our activities
  • Being able to connect with us in office and/or online over the internet
  • Human lover

These requirements are formed based on our experience in working with young people, who have been able to develop in their professional and personal fields within that work. We would like to provide assistance in the process of gaining valuable experience and skills that would bring only benefits in your professional life.   

What can you excpect from BRAVO?

You will have:

  • A supportive and friendly working atmosphere
  • Major skill development in professional fields
  • Gather knowledge through experience in numerous fields including project management, activism, social media management, European programs for youth, organizational management, human rights and democracy
  • Opportunity to participate in activities and be rewarded
  • Chance to meet new people and explore new cultures
  • Take part in local and international BRAVO projects
  • Being given the freedom of creation by leading certain activities
  • Having selection advantages in all BRAVO activities compared to the wider masses
  • Financial bonuses for good work and contribution through activities and projects
  • Opportunities to explore Europe

BRAVO people are group of enthusiasts who wholeheartedly believe in the idea that young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina should have a chance to develop personally and professionally just like their peers from other countries considered to be more developed.

What BRAVO expects from you?

Our requirements are already stated. As of that, if you think that you satisfy them, we expect that you also live up to them! We would like for you to take active part in our activities. BRAVO offers tasks daily and they are not given to you but rather assigned if you are willing enough to take action. The idea of being a volunteer has a full meaning of “voluntarism” in your willingness to actually do something.

Selection process flow:

Round 1 – Application review

Round 2 – Interviews with members of BRAVO

Round 3 – General meeting sessions with new members

Round 4 – Trial period of 2 months

Round 5 – Signing of volunteer contract with BRAVO

Finally, if you read all of the above and in any case found it interesting, we encourage you to apply to become our volunteer by filling out the application below.



  1. Complete the BRAVO- APPLICATION FORM with CV and Motivation Letter in English.

  2. Deadline for applying: 15.02.2021.

  3. Prelection results: 20.02.2021.

  4. Interviews with BRAVO board members: From 20.02 – 25.02.2020.

  5. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at:
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