:writing_hand::skin-tone-3: Writing just a couple of words, or a couple of sentences about Burhan and Caglar, our :flag-tr:Turkish #ESC volunteers, is not that easy job as it seems. Its even harder if you have to write it for people that became like a family for past two months.:luggage::airplane::world_map: It’s never easy to move from your safety zone, it takes a lot of :muscle::skin-tone-3:courage especially in times such as these to move to foreign country and to live with total strangers. Burhan and Caglar were brave enough to do so:exclamation::right-facing_fist::left-facing_fist: 

As BRAVO team we are grateful and glad to have had you as our volunteers. :blush: Thank you for each lesson you helped us learn and for each moment we spent together.:crossed_fingers::skin-tone-3::grinning: We hope you bring back home nice memories from Bosnia and Herzegovina and BRAVO and that we will meet again soon:exclamation::repeat: Whenever you decide to come back to :flag-ba:Bosnia and Herzegovina, BRAVO is will be there to welcome you once again. :grinning:

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