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We are providing trainings for project management, but also designing and writing projects for other organizations and institutions with high results proven records.

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You have a business idea, but do not know where to start from? BRAVO can help you with this. We are using skills and knowledge that helps entrepreneurs to develop their business idea and business model, solve the problems they are facing, while mentoring them and providing many other important aspects of success. We are also offering support to SMSs.

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Together with our partners, BRAVO is providing training and education seminars regarding ETS tools and activities. But we do not stop there! We are also helping in preparation and implementation of sports projects.

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We will guide you through a simple step-by-step process that builds on and integrates best practices and tools from entrepreneurial pioneers and will also give you advice and support your way to success.

BRAVO with a network of over 200 partner organizations and companies is offering possibilities for extending your field of work on the international market, helping you to find associates in other countries in the world.

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BRAVO discusses cooperation with Yunus Emre Center

Cooperation Meeting with Yunus Emre Institute

Today, on the 1st of April, BRAVO representatives had a meeting with Yunus Emre Institute. Main focus of the meeting was negotiations on cooperation.

Topics of the meeting were:

  • Mutual interest/cooperation
  • Turkish language online courses
  • Acculturation

The meeting was held within the Covid19 measures. 

 Regarding the topic of cooperation, mutual projects were discussed. In case of the main permissions are obtained, mutual projects will be carried out in the future, and these issues can be negotiated again. Owing to the fact that the global pandemic is still a thing, face – to – face projects have been suspended, so we will give our best to organize online events. Additionally, Turkish language online courses are already available, so BRAVO volunteers can help the tutors and make contribution with their own knowledge and materials.

Apropos the topic of acculturation, activities such as marbling art, anecdotes, nursery rhymes and folk dances can be performed.  Due to the increase of number of patients infected by Covid – 19, all the face – to – face events are cancelled by the governmental authorities, so some permissions should be obtained for these activities.

We are thankful to Yunus Emre Institute authorities for hosting us.

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü ile İş Birliği Görüşmesi

Bugün Yunus Emre Enstitü ile BRAVO International yetkilisi ve gönlülüleri olarak bir toplantı gerçekleştirdik. Toplantımız da bu iki organizasyonun birlikte hangi iş birlikteliklerin de bulunabilecekleri üzerine istişare gerçekleştirildi.

Toplantının konuları;

  • İş birliktelikleri
  • Türkçe Online Kurslar
  • Kültür Etkileşimi

Covid-19 önlemleri çerçevesinde gerçekleştirilen bu toplantı da,

İş birlikteliği konu başlığı altında ortak projeler yürütülmesi konusu hakkında görüşme sağlandı. Gerekli izinler alındığı durumda ileride ortak projeler üretilebilir ve bunlar için tekrar görüşme sağlanabilir.

Ancak Pandemi dolayısı ile yüzyüze gerçekleştirilen projelerin bir çoğunun askıya alınmış durumda olduğu bilgisi bizlerle paylaşıldı.

  • Türkçe online kurslarının bulunduğu bilgisini paylaşan yetkililer, BRAVO gönüllülerinin de bu kurslara yardımcı olarak katılabileceği ve öğretmenlere destek olabilecekleri, isterlerse kendi ürettikleri içerikleri kursa katılan öğrenciler ile paylaşabilecekleri iletildi.
  • Kültürel etkiletişim başlığı altında unutulmaya yüz tutmuş “Ebru Sanatı, Fıkralar, Tekerlemeler ve Halk oyunları gibi etkinliklerin gerekli izinler alındığı taktir de gerçekleştirebileceği açıklandı.

  • Saray Bosna’da kötüye giden Covid-19 artan vakalar nedeni ile yüzyüze gerçekleştirilen bütün etkinlerin Hükemet yetkilileri tarafından iptal edilmesinden dolayı, etkinlikler yapılmadan önce gerekli izinlerin alınması gerektiği tarafımıza iletilmiştir.

Bizleri ağırladıkları için Yunus Emre Enstitüsü yetkililerine tekrar teşekkürlerimizi iletiyoruz.

BRAVO signed a Memorandum of Understanding with International Burch University

Sarajevo, 08.02.2021

We are delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities – BRAVO and International Burch University (IBU).

Both parties have congruent educational goals and each of them strives to educate young people, policy makers, key local and national individuals and organizations with an aim of the positive impact on the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, paired with their personal development or development of their businesses.

The MOU establishes terms of understanding between the BRAVO and IBU that are mutually beneficial for both parties. In particular, the MOU underlines the following:


  • Work with students (organizing student internships, youth exchanges within European projects, training, etc.)

  • Organizing guest workshops, presentations and lectures on appropriate topics, and engagement of BRAVO employees as professional lecturers at events organized by IBU

  • Joining of the BRAVO organization in the IBU mentoring program and inclusion in the Start Up Incubator

  • Participation in the audit of extracurricular activities

  • Trainings for employees of both Memorandum signatories

  • Joint application for European grants and joint implementation of international projects

  • Cooperation on individual projects in accordance with the activities of both signatories

  • Possibility to use the premises and other resources of both signatories

  • Promotion of joint activities and cooperation

  • Other forms of cooperation from the activities of both signatories.

We hope this partnership will strengthen and advance the interests and activities of both parties, and continue to promote excellence in our shared research, education, marketing strategies, international projects, project management, trainings and education.


International Burch University

As the preeminent entrepreneurial university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, International BURCH University (IBU) is dedicated to teaching excellence and high student satisfaction, personalized mentoring and practical research leading up to superior student employment outcomes and lasting community impact.

British-owned, young, agile and accredited by top accreditation bodies, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Kingdom, International Burch University is the first choice for all students passionate about real-world solutions, market-driven thinking and personal success.

Below are offered more details on what is important to us and how we operate. We understand the accreditation matter is of a particular importance to students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so we have dedicated a section to reassure you that you are at the right place both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. It is a bit of a longer read but we are certain you will enjoy it. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team and get the answers you need.

Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities - BRAVO

Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. BRAVO is a professional organization based and focused on knowledge, entrepreneurship, civil society development, non-formal education and innovative learning and development techniques for young people and adults.

What makes this organization outstanding and ready to take responsibility are our key principles: tolerance, democracy, diversity, voluntariness and openness. We promote partnerships between the private sector, public sector and civil society for sustainable community development, advocating for the education of young people with an emphasis on skills needed in the 21st century, investing in entrepreneurship, innovation, non-formal education and sustainable local community development.


BRAVO has a social impact which goal is to promote lifelong commitment together with emphasizing the positive experience of users by deepening knowledge of core principles of discipline, teamwork, safety, respect and integrity. BRAVO tends to gather volunteers who share interest in IT and video production, sports activities, social activism, art, creative activities, innovation, education, safety, and etc. as a profession or hobby. All this can enrich our experience through sharing ideas, needs and creativity in different fields, and by this, we are deepening our knowledge and experience of Erasmus plus and other European programs. BRAVO offers to its volunteers a chance for engagement, creation and development of their skills and knowledge outside working room and office. By participating in BRAVO, members learn to work together through the idea of giving back to society by promoting volunteering and active citizenship. Continuously we try to express ourselves through pictures and social whether we are promoting our activities, or promoting a cause that is important to everyone.

If you are interested to know more about us, please check our section ABOUT US!


You got tired of the confused partners and associates in your work and projects? No need to worry about it anymore, because BRAVO is here for you. We work with numerous partners and organizations all over the world. We work for youth and professionals by providing them with an amazing opportunity related to educational and professional help. We also provide consulting service with an opportunity by which you will become able to accomplish good ideas and projects by working with us. Our team is accessible 24/7 for all partners in hard times and last days and hours before the deadline, but also for solving your problems related to your projects. So, do not to worry anymore, because we provide exceptional services of support that will help in attaining success in the long-term.

If your answer is YES, please fill the form on HOME PAGE called “BECOME BRAVO PARTNER”

If you have any questions feel free to contact


Dragi naši učenici, BRAVO ponovo otvara prijave za učenje turskog jezika.

Ukoliko ste ljubitelj turskog jezika i orijentalne kulture i tradicije ne oklijevajte, nego nam se pridružite i uvjerite se zašto je turski jezik poseban. Ako smo baš mi Vaš izbor za učenje turskog jezika prijavite se i uvjerite se kako je zanimljivo učiti baš ovaj jezik.

Naša instruktorica Arijana Porča ponovo je spremna da kroz učenje i zabavu približi sve specifičnosti turskog jezika. Osim toga BRAVO Vam nudi 3 besplatna kursa.

Ako ste Vi jedan od onih koji smatra da treba osvojiti kurs turskog jezika pošaljite nam motivaciono pismo kako biste nas uvjerili da ste Vi ta osoba.

Čekamo vas!

Onima koji uplaćuju iz inostranstva dajemo mogućnost plaćanja putem Western Uniona, Pošte Crne Gore ili Moneygrama. Ukoliko uplaćujete na taj način, javite nam se na mail: [email protected], kako bismo Vam dali podatke za slanje (ime osobe za koju šaljete, adresa, ukoliko zatreba i sl.).

Za prijavu je potrebno da popunite Google obrazac, a vikend prije početka kursa svi prijavljeni će dobiti jedan zajednički mail s daljim uputama o kursu. U istom mailu učenicima će biti poslani udžbenici, link za našu fb grupu, kao i Zoom link koji ćete koristiti za pristup svim časovima.

Oni koji se odluče za individualne časove, za termine istih će se dogovarati s instruktoricom, a časovi će se moći održavati bilo kojima danima od ponedjeljka do petka.


KURS POČINJE: 15.2.2021.

Kao i svi dosadašnji kursevi i ovaj kurs će se odvijati preko Zooma, stoga je neophodno da se svi učenici registruju na platformu. Registraciju je potrebno izvršiti na vlastito ime i prezime, jer profili nepoznatih imena neće biti pušteni na čas. Ukoliko bude dolazilo do nekih promjena ili smetnji prilikom ulaska na čas, potrebno je da što prije obavijestite instruktoricu o tome. Budući da se časovi odvijaju preko Zooma, na kurs se možete prijaviti u bilo kojiem dijelu svijeta da se nalazite.

Termini održavanja nastave:

Za sva dodatna pitanja možete pisati direktno instruktorici Arijani na mail: [email protected]

If you have any questions feel free to contact


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