On June 20th, in a significant step towards empowering youth and promoting education, BRAVO BiH and the Bosana Foundation signed a strategic partnership agreement. This collaboration aims to bolster educational opportunities and social development programs for young people across Bosnia and Herzegovina.


BRAVO BiH (Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities) is a leading organization dedicated to fostering educational and professional development among youth. By providing various programs, including scholarships, training and international exchanges, BRAVO BiH has made substantial strides in equipping the younger generation with essential skills and knowledge.

The Bosana Foundation, based in the United States, has been instrumental in supporting higher education for underprivileged students in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The foundation’s mission is to create lasting change by enabling access to education and fostering community involvement. Since its inception, the Bosana Foundation has helped numerous students achieve their academic goals and contribute positively to their communities.


The signing ceremony, held in Sarajevo, marked the beginning of a partnership made to create significant impact. Representatives from both organizations expressed their enthusiasm and commitment to the shared vision of advancing educational opportunities.


This initiative aims to support talented individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, ensuring they have the resources needed to pursue higher education.

The partnership will foster community-based projects that encourage active participation from youth. These projects will address local challenges and promote social responsibility among young people.


Leveraging BRAVO BiH’s experience in international exchanges, the partnership will create opportunities for students to participate in global learning experiences. These exchanges will enhance cultural understanding and provide a broader perspective on global issues.


The BRAVO BiH and Bosana Foundation partnership is a promising development for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s educational landscape.

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