Ismail Šehić

Fashioration Festival (Virtual)

Discover more about the process of creating collections inspired by traditional folk costumes, the workshops that the participants went through, as well as the old crafts that still have their own manufactures! The Fashioration Festival takes you on a virtual tour through the Balkan capitals, their traditions and getting to know young designers who transform that tradition and incorporate it into contemporary clothing!

Testimonials – Training Course ”Through the Lens”  in Eskişehir, Turkiye

’Eskişehir was a real adventure that I did not expect. Like every Erasmus adventure, there were many lessons learned—some good, some bad—but I loved every second of it. Thanks to BRAVO, I experienced high-level, non-formal educational training. This one was particularly specific because it changed the narrative and made me step out of my comfort zone of seriousness, allowing me to loosen up in the acting zone with the other participants.

BRAVO PASSPORT STORIES: Youth Exchange ”Dream After Covid” in Penagos, Cantabria, Spain

Traveling and visiting one of the most beautiful countries would have been just a dream for many people three years ago. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many challenges have arisen, and people are still facing its consequences to this day. Despite this, our participants have been able to experience a youth exchange in Penagos, Spain, which has been like a dream after COVID-19.

Selection results for Youth Exchange ”Kaleidoscope” in Sarajevo, BiH

The project will adopt a multifaceted approach, combining cultural exchange, interactive workshops, and collaborative activities to create an immersive learning environment. Participants will have the opportunity to explore each other’s realities, religions, and cultures, fostering a deeper understanding of the shared human experience

Selection results for Youth Exchange “Inter Civilizational Culinary Arts From Anatolia to Europe” in Istanbul, Turkiye

This Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project aims to bring a new perspective on nutrition and health, emphasizing the place and importance of food in our culture. The project addresses the basics of good nutrition, healthy food processing, and preparation methods. It encourages cultural exchange by enabling participants from different countries to introduce each other to their traditional dishes.

Partnerstvo za napredak i razvoj – BRAVO i ZDK

Današnji susret između direktora BRAVO-a, Ismaila Šehića, i gospodina Mirze Mušije, Ministra Obrazovanja, Nauke, Kulture i Sporta Zeničko-Dobojskog Kantona predstavlja ključni korak prema ostvarivanju produktivne saradnje između sektora obrazovanja, kulture, i sporta. Ovaj sastanak bio je fokusiran na identifikaciju zajedničkih interesa i potencijalnih projekata koji bi unaprijedili kvalitet života građana ovog kantona.

Raising awareness about the consequences of excessive use of digital devices on mental health

It is a well-known fact that today we cannot imagine our daily lives without the use of digital devices, which we use for various purposes, such as information, social networking, entertainment, and many other contents. Although most of the content we use is genuinely useful and facilitates our daily lives, providing quick access to information and communication, excessive use of digital devices can undoubtedly lead to certain dangers,

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