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Even though we initially announced an open call for 10 volunteers, we are thrilled to share that we have secured scholarships for 15 young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a big step up, and we’re so happy to be able to support more talented individuals than we first thought possible. Additionally, we’ve arranged accommodation for 6 people coming from outside Sarajevo to make sure they have a comfortable place to stay during all 6 months of their involvement.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. The energy and enthusiasm of our scholars and team members are through the roof! Everyone involved is bringing so much positive energy and dedication to the project. It’s inspiring to see such a group of motivated people ready to make a difference in Europe.


Our Scholars: The Heart of Connectowns2U

As we mark the 40th anniversary of the Winter Olympic Games held in Sarajevo in 1984, we are overjoyed to introduce 15 incredible scholars who are set to make a significant impact over the next six months. These talented individuals will play a pivotal role in commemorating this historic event through various activities and events, contributing to a vibrant celebration of our rich Olympic heritage.



Our 15 scholarship winners are at the center of everything we do. They’re not just a volunteers; they’re leaders, activists, somebody that people can trust, and youth who will help shape the future of Europe. Their work will focus on important issues like the environment, democracy, peace, and how we can all work together better. This is a great chance for them to see new places, meet new people, and understand different way of working and organizing events. 



  1. Mirela Salihović
  2. Džejlana Čaušević
  3. Selma Memović
  4. Merjem Mulalić
  5. Esma Sultanović
  6. Lejla Heganović
  7. Vedad Žiga
  8. Amer Tanović
  9. Džana Elezović
  10. Amila Slijepćević
  11. Merima Durić
  12. Hadi Goro
  13. Irma Handabaka
  14. Uma Hubanić
  15. Filip Jovanović
Project Coordinator: 


Ilma Čekić




Ilma Čekić

Kenan Junuzović




Edelhida Dervišević

Ismail Šehić

What is Connectowns2U?


This project of a network of towns between five European hubs (capitals and regional major cities recognized by labels of European capitals): Paris, Valencia, Sarajevo, Timisoara and Gdansk, that all together want to initiate major events, and cross exchanges of participants, about current various priorities of the Union, such like the environment, next European elections, European values, Human rights and Peace, especially in the context of the war in Ukraine, and civic engagement.

The starting point of the cooperation are the Paris Olympic games as they would ensure maximum international, European and local visibility and participation. From then, a dynamic encompassing the other participating cities, all with other major European actuality at the moment, will be developed.

Another peculiarity of this initiative is that it will be mostly implemented through youth civic engagement and European mobility. All actions will mobilize indeed mixed teams of full time, long term, stipended volunteers (what is called civic service projects), both national and European, mixed together in joint teams. Not only will they be leading the implementation of projects, under the coordination of partners, but also exchange together, as their involvement will be articulated around a two step program, first in their domestic territory, then in one of the other partners in another country.

This fits perfectly our general aim to strengthen cultural exchanges, the European spirit of belonging, the knowledge of oneself and others, the adaptation to a new culture, through active European civic engagement, a strong congruence with the three milestones of our cooperation: local environmental and Human rights volunteerings, preparations of EU elections 2024, and Olympic spirit of cooperation and peace through efforts

The Power of Volunteering and the Olympic Legacy

The act of volunteering, especially in projects like Connectowns2U, carries profound significance. It’s more than just giving time; it’s about contributing to our country’s cultural and social fabric, promoting unity, and reviving the spirit of cooperation and peace that defines the Olympic legacy. Our scholars, through their volunteer work, are not only ambassadors of this spirit but also bridges to our past.


This project serves as a unique opportunity to connect with our parents and grandparents who participated in the Sarajevo 1984 Olympics, whether as athletes, volunteers, or staff. Their stories and experiences from those games are a testament to the enduring power of the Olympic spirit and its ability to bring people together. By volunteering and participating in the Connectowns2U project, we honor their legacy and continue the tradition of community and solidarity that the Olympics stand for.


The Connectowns2U project, with its focus on celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Sarajevo Olympics, is a beautiful reminder of how volunteering can enrich our lives and those around us. It fosters a sense of belonging, strengthens our connection to history, and helps us to understand the importance of our contributions, no matter how small they may seem. As we work together to promote the Olympic spirit, we also weave a richer tapestry of our national identity, one that is inclusive, proud, and forward-looking.

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Together, We're Making a Difference

We want to help people from different parts of Europe understand each other better, feel like they belong to a big European family, and learn new things through working on important projects. Our scholarship winners are very important to us because they will help us show these ideas to the world.

This journey is just beginning, and there’s so much more to come. We invite you to follow along, support our scholars, and maybe even find a way to get involved yourself. With your help, we can make even bigger things happen.

As we embark on this exciting journey with our scholars, coordinators, mentors, and supervisors, we are reminded of the power of collective effort and the impact it can have on our community and beyond. The Connectowns2U project is not just a celebration of a historic event; it’s a commitment to the values of excellence, friendship, and respect that the Olympics stand for. Let us move forward with pride and purpose, inspired by our past and motivated by the potential of our future.


Together, we are not just commemorating history; we are making it. Join us in this meaningful celebration of the Olympic spirit, volunteerism, and the enduring bonds that connect us across generations.

More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 
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