Open Call for volunteers for the ESC projects in Adana, Turkiye

During the ESC project, volunteers will engage in diverse areas as per the weekly activity plan designated for them. Their commitment involves working five days a week, with a minimum daily requirement of five hours. Each week, they are granted two days off, and additionally, they are entitled to two extra days off per month.

Open call for 10 volunteers for Humanitarian Aid activities in Sarajevo, BiH

ESC Humanitarian Aid project – “H.A.N.D.” – Humanitarian Aid for the Needs of Development aims to fulfill the needs of society while offering an opportunity for participants to contribute to the community. Volunteers will be offered an opportunity to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of Bosnia and Herzegovina, all while participating in volunteer endeavors with a focus on humanitarian efforts.

Open Call for Participants for ESC missions in Germany and Czech Republic

The ESC project is a voluntary program aimed at empowering and supporting young volunteers from the local community. Participants will play a crucial role in various weekly volunteering activities, including providing free tutoring, socializing with children and young people facing fewer opportunities, running workshops for children, film education, theatre, urban walks, and discussions on the climate crisis.


Two enthusiastic volunteers from Turkiye have embarked on a journey to Bosnia and Herzegovina, ready to make a difference in the lives of others. The arrival of these dedicated individuals marks yet another chapter in the long-standing exchange program between BRAVO and Turkiye, fostering cultural understanding and cooperation. Building upon the success of previous initiatives,

Open Call for 6 Volunteers for Short-term ESC ”Solidarity Power” in Italy

The ESC short term volunteering project, which will involve 6 volunteers in the Municipalities of Buccino (Sa) and Sicignano degli Alburni (Sa), will focus on the potential of the ESC program to bring value to countryside areas suffering from depopulation problems and lack of opportunities for young people

HAND – Humanitarian Aid – Kick off in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

BRAVO – Bosnian Representative Organization for Valuable Opportunities, as the sole certified organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina for ESC humanitarian aid projects, is proud to announce the implementation of the ESC Humanitarian Aid project called “H.A.N.D.” – Humanitarian Aid for the Needs of Development.

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