Promoting sports and stressing their importance in daily life promotes social inclusion and well-being for all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The project uses sport to educate children and youth and instill good values and training in sports workers and coaches.

Building grassroots groups, sharing best practices from other countries, promoting social inclusion through sports (focusing on children with disabilities and those facing disadvantages), and encouraging positive values like team spirit are the main goals. Youth and sports professionals will profit from expert knowledge transfer.

The project will hold workshops, events, and programs using sports for non-formal education and advocate for public policy and law changes. The project will target various populations to address the often-overlooked importance of physical activity in public health policies.

The Global Strategy on Nutrition, Physical exercise, and Health emphasizes the importance of school policies and programs that promote healthy habits and physical exercise for children, youth, and the community.

Sports enhance motor skills, self-confidence, and resilience in disabled and special needs children. Physical education and school sports boost physical exercise and active lifestyles, improving public health. Sports can avoid disease, enhance mental and cognitive health, and engage the elderly.

This project will use non-traditional educational methods to create engaging activities and events that teach all people about inclusion, gender equity, and healthy habits through sports. This method shows that sports can be inclusive, innovative, and creative for diverse learners and bonders.


U cilju ostvarivanja što boljih rezultata našeg projekta, veliki akcenat je stavljen na istraživanje područija sporta za djecu. Konkretno, u kojim dječijim grupama postoji diskriminacija i manjak inkluzivnosti. Sve podatke prikupljene iz Bosne i Herzegovine, Srbije, Crne Gore I Bugarske (naših partnerskih država) bit će uvršten u naučni rad. Naše istraživanje se zasniva na anketama koje će da popunajvaju treneri, nastavnici, članovi sportskih klubova

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