On the 27th and 28th of June, BRAVO took part in a Training of Trainers session with 12 participants in Valencia, Spain together with AlbanianSkills, Brigaid EU project, Build Green Group and EcoLogic. This training session was held as a part of  the Fast Forward project. This project has a goal of equipping trainers with more knowledge and innovative skills in the field of sustainability and  enviromental awareness. These forementioned partners have set the objectives for upcoming youth exchange training programs that will be held in Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Spain and last but not least Bosnia and Herzegovina.


As a project partner, BRAVO brings you some of the project highlights and early achievements:

-introduction of the Project Action Plan


With the goal of boosting training effectiveness and impact, the Project Action Plan was introduced. This action plan contains steps and smaller goals that need to be met if the project wants to fulfill its entire potential.


-introduction of the comprehensive training KIT


This KIT contains valuable knowledge, experiences and information regarding enviromental sustainability. This KIT is meant to help participants in future actions and workshops.


-gathering valuable feedback on shared platforms


The project “Engage, connect and empower youth for a sustainable green future” is focused on two European Youth Goals: quality learning and sustainable green Europe. It aims at implementing a creative strategy in terms of capacity building for the new generation actually facing the problems of tomorrow related to environment degradation, climate change, and sustainability issues.


The target group of the project is youth trainers/workers, organizations, young activists in Albania, local/national authorities, and citizens of Albania and Europe. The project will focus in bringing the EU practices and translate them into tangible tools for youth in Western Balkan in order to fast forward the green transition. The core of the project, capacity building, will be achieved through a critical number of activities, such as ToT, Youth exchanges, toolkits and manuals.


These activities will spill over throughout non-formal learning providers benefitting staff, youth, and key stakeholders in the process. Overall, with this project Build Green Group will promote and improve capacity building for youth in important areas such as climate change awareness, environment digitalization, environmental justice, innovation & research, contribution to SDGs, and creation of fruitful partnerships. The topic addressed and activities designed to make the project have a local, national, and EU impact, specifically in bringing EU practices in WB.

More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 
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