Hi there! The time of year has come again where we are ready to open our doors for a select number of individuals to join our BRAVO family! Are you interested in becoming a new BRAVO member? Read on to find out more.

BRAVO mission:

BRAVO seeks to leave a significant social impact in order to promote lifelong learning while emphasizing positive experiences and strengthening the core values ​​of discipline, teamwork, security, respect, and integrity. Our team brings together volunteers who share an interest in the IT sector and video production, sports, active social action, education, and security. Through Erasmus + and other European programs, they have the opportunity to enrich their experience by sharing new ideas, expressing different social and professional needs and creativity, and thus increase their overall knowledge and experience. 

BRAVO offers its volunteers the opportunity to work, create, and expand knowledge outside the study room and office. All members of BRAVO learn to work together immersed in the sense of bringing the community back to society, promote volunteerism and active citizenship, contribute to the environment and improve the status of minorities. We are constantly striving to build our presence in social media whether we are building our portfolio, serving the community, the faculty or other institutions.

BRAVO's vision:

BRAVO’s vision is to create a strong network of volunteers, donors, and partners, and to be ready for various forms of cooperation when the opportunity or need arises. We strive to turn compassion into action by encouraging, facilitating, and promoting at all times all forms of humanitarian activities aimed at preventing and alleviating human suffering. In this way, we contribute to the maintenance and promotion of human dignity and peace both in the local community and in the world. BRAVO strives to identify and invest in short-term and long-term strategic partnerships in all areas of our active work.

BRAVO values are:

  • dedication;
  • originality and innovation;
  • teamwork and collective responsibility;
  • democracy and transparency of the organization’s work;
  • objectivity and self-criticism;
  • recognizability;
  • tolerance;
  • diversity;
  • volunteering and openness.

In modern times, volunteering is established as a very common practice among young people, which provides them with multiple benefits. It can be an opportunity to gain work experience or simply first work habits. Since the roles of volunteers are diverse, for those who are undecided about their career, volunteer engagement gives them the opportunity to learn about themselves through socially useful work and thus find their way more easily.


As BRAVO volunteers, you will always be encouraged to express your wishes and affinities, and the BRAVO team will make sure to provide you with the best possible experience through a diverse engagement.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should start volunteering today at BRAVO:


  • As a BRAVO volunteer, you will have the opportunity to meet many new people and to make international friends through travel and participation in our projects. In this way, you will strengthen the team spirit, which is one of the most sought-after attributes among employers today.

  • Volunteer assignments often require you to leave your comfort zone and try something new. Therefore, your volunteer work at BRAVO will be aimed at acquiring new knowledge and improving your skills. If you have ever wondered how to cope with roles focused on writing projects and their implementation, would like to improve your communication skills or simply want to leave a significant impact on society, now you have a great opportunity to challenge yourself and enjoy the fruits of your work.

  • As already mentioned, volunteer engagement is also marked by a socially useful character. BRAVO is an organization that, among other things, is focused on providing support to young people in realizing their full potential. As part of the BRAVO team, you too can contribute to initiating positive change in the community. Through your volunteer engagement, you will grow, and thanks to you, there will be a wider sense of community as well.

  • Finally, we can conclude that volunteering opens new vistas for you and provides an opportunity for personal and professional growth through a tailor-made engagement. Because BRAVO believes in young people, we try to make them attractive business candidates through volunteering and to open the door to their first business opportunities.

Would you like to join a large community of volunteers and international teams working in more than 30 countries around the world? Below, you can read in more detail what such an engagement brings you, but also what is expected of you.

By becoming a BRAVO member, you get the opportunity to:

  • acquire new skills;
  • work on personal development;
  • manage various projects;
  • have a wide selection of travel options;
  • create contact with the international environment;
  • participate in cultural and entertainment events;
  • use our office space for additional schooling / learning / education and training;
  • attend trainings and conferences;
  • have an easier access to the labor market;
  • train in performing daily tasks;
  • build network capacity;
  • learn from others and share your expertise with others;
  • promote your projects, ideas, and work to a global audience;
  • network, have an exchange of knowledge and experiences within our networks;
  • meet new people from all over the world;
  • and expand your personal and professional networks.

Our new members are:

  • very mobile;
  • between the ages of 15 and 30;
  • creative and flexible;
  • active and dynamic;
  • openminded;
  • communicative;
  • youth leaders;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • young activists;
  • international and national coaches;
  • educators;
  • socially responsible.


  • knowledge of English;
  • leadership skills;
  • experience with project work or eager to gain experience on projects;
  • experience with fundraising or have the desire to learn more about it;
  • understand and use of social networks;
  • knowledge of topics and programs at the European level, including youth, culture and European programs;
  • knowledge of the non-governmental sector or desire to learn more about it;
  • knowledge and/or an interest in some of BRAVO’s sectors (European projects and programs, entrepreneurship, sports, photography and video, human rights, consulting, fundraising and etc.)
  • communication skills and flexibility;
  • teamwork skills;
  • and the readiness to travel and present BRAVO organizations on European projects.


  • To be a BRAVO member, you don’t need to be a citizen of Sarajevo or Bosnia and Herzegovina, just a citizen of the world.
  • #BRAVO is giving you access to a wonderful office and a space where many stories were written for private and professional use.
  • You choose when you want to work and when you want to relax!
  • You choose what team you want to be on and which sector you’d love to be involved in.
  • You choose where you want to learn and where you’re going to grow!
  • #BRAVO is here to give you a chance to build your dream career in a field you enjoy. All trips within and outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be fully paid for and covered by BRAVO and all the positive work you do is sure to be rewarded.
  • #BRAVO is giving you the opportunity to grow along with other young professionals
  • #BRAVO is here to make your wish of traveling the world come true
  • #BRAVO is giving you the chance to become a leader in your community and in your country
  • With #BRAVO, you’ll have the possibility to get certified in many different fields
  • By becoming a BRAVO member, you are not only becoming a part of the team, but you are also being welcomed into a new family!


  1. Please read a call carefully;
  2. Show us your motivation why exactly you should be our new member;
  3. Even if you are not fulfilling our requirements, show us your motivation and you will be chosen;
  4. Fill out the BRAVO Application form and upload your CV and ML;
  5. Don’t be late, the deadline for applying is 10.02.2022.
  6. Interviews would be until 20.02.2022.
  7. Yout first year of #BRAVO membership will start from 01.03.2022.


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