On the 9th, and 10th of April the Kick-off meeting of the Project “Sharing Design Your Job” was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The Ministry of the Programming hosted the partner from Latvia, Serbia, Albania, Italy, Montenegro, and of course Bosnia and Herzegovina.
With this meeting, partners had an opportunity to officially mark the beginning of the project life cycle. During the meeting, they discussed upcoming activities, their timeline, and the distribution of the tasks such as project dissemination strategy, implementation, and so on.

This is a 24-month-long project whose one aim is, also to improve and upskilling capacities of up to 100 young people with fewer opportunities through 5 practical ICT training schemes through transnational mobility in participating countries.



“Sharing Design Your Job” project is a continuation of the “Design Your Job” (DYJ) initiative under which we have developed 4 projects already. Three of them were financed by EACEA and one by Serbian NA. All projects under the “DYJ” initiative follow and contribute to the overall objective of “Creating and testing new ICT education programs and methodologies suitable for systematic prequalification and re-training of unemployed or marginalized young people”.

Our initiative uses NFL methods, and mobilities to attract and motivate focused young people to gain hands-on and practical competencies. With these competencies, our users are capable, right after our education process, to find a job, start their job, or at least improve their income situation (usually with Freelancing).


Through the Project, all project participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills that will lead them forward. All project values consist of three areas that stand out:

  • Access to the shared knowledge of good practices with all hard and soft skills that are needed for the job search that is present in all countries of the European Union.
  •  Work and a new learning system that is unknown to the formal school system. A new look at the unknown and opportunities to acquire knowledge.
  • Access to free technological management tools, specially designed for the field of soft and hard ICT skills, which will allow them to maximize the efficiency of their knowledge and IMPACT.


The Project will implement 5 Training Courses whose topics will be:

  • Basic hardware/software manipulation
  • Basic web development
  • Basic UX design
  • Basic graphic design
  • Basic digital marketing


Another great story has begun, make it better, and join us!

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