From the 11th of June until the 14th of June, BRAVO hosted a new set of participants for a Training Course initiated by the project Visual Thinking 4 Youth.


This project is a unique initiative designed to empower young people through creative and visual thinking techniques. Participants had the opportunity to delve into the world of dyslexia, exploring and learning about the challenges faced by people with this condition.


Throughout the course, the young participants engaged in various activities aimed at enhancing their understanding and empathy towards people with dyslexia. They participated in interactive workshops and discussions, where they could turn practical insights into how visual thinking can aid those with dyslexia in their learning processes.

One of the highlights of the course was the collaborative effort to develop a handbook tailored for individuals with dyslexia. Participants enthusiastically shared their ideas and opinions on what should be included in this handbook. Their innovative suggestions and perspectives provided fresh and practical solutions that will be incorporated into the handbook. This collaborative spirit showed the power of collective creativity.


Our hardworking team ensured that the environment was both productive and enjoyable. The energy between youth created both respect and support. Together, they not only expanded their own horizons but also contributed to making the world a better place, one step at a time.


The success of this Training Course underscores the importance of such initiatives in fostering understanding and cooperation among young people from different backgrounds. It also highlights the critical role that creative thinking and collaboration play in addressing real-world challenges.


For more information and updates on our future projects, stay tuned to our website and social media channels. We have many exciting stories and new posts coming your way. Until then… #MakeTheWorldWonder!


The Visual Thinking 4 You(th) project, has the general objective of promoting the social inclusion of dyslexic young people between 13 and 19 years old, through visual thinking, which consists in transmitting and exposing ideas through simple and easily recognizable images.


The objective of this method is to improve the learner’s learning level by allowing him, through the use of images, to better understand ideas, define objectives, identify problems and generate new concepts and it is particularly effective for those who have cognitive peculiarities such as dyslexic people.


In this context, the socio-educational animator, a figure targeted by the project activities, proves to be a key element for the involvement of these young people.


The consortium, after an analysis of the phenomena carried out with the stakeholders, has identified the main critical issues that have allowed to set the specific objectives functional to the achievement of the general purpose:


  1. Improvement of the degree of knowledge by the youth workers of dyslexia and the potential of visual thinking as a tool for inclusion and learning. At the end of the first training activity will be recorded an improvement of at least 60%.
  2. Construction of communication strategies to engage dyslexic youth ages 13-19 within youth organizations that offer innovative and complementary learning approaches to formal education. At the end of the first workshop, the percentage of youth approaching these organizations will increase by at least 30% over the values initially recorded;
  3. Creation of learning methodologies focused on visual thinking specifically for dyslexic youth in order to increase their degree of integration and learning. At the end of the second workshop, the approach adopted with young people aged 13-19 will be at least 60% more effective and integrative than more traditional methodologies.
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