As a part of this project BRAVO BiH brings you fresh news about the digital world which is a big part of our life. AI made a big BOOM in recent months, making controversies and being used in good and bad ways. As a part of BDC project, we bring you this article about using AI in the best possible way in order to maintain personal growth.


Firstly we need to understand that modern world is requiring us to keep up with modern technologies. Everything around us is bad if we use it in irresponsible ways. With accent on mental health this article has a goal of empowering youth with skills that could be improved with AI. This goes in line with EU Youth Strategy. We can improve non-conventional tools through:


Did you know that AI can help you design your own learning plan, with innovative tools and unconventional approaches. This plan can be made for an individual as well as for larger groups of people. This makes knowledge easily accessible to larger masses regardless of their background.

AI is helping achieve this by making customized learning approach for individuals based on the way that individual learners (visually, through audio material, etc.). This increases a chance of knowledge being embraced and that it can be used later in life, and not forgotten after a short time. AI also helps us in using special parameters in order to track the progress of each individual. This helps institutions offering their courses (schools, private institutions or tutors) to track progress of their students and to decide which tools should be used in order to increase their progress.


AI tools have shown us the variety of ways content can be optimized to hit target audience. Through interactive content, simulation, games, etc. AI can help us make implementation of our ideas, interactive, interesting and enjoyable. Because of Artificial Intelligence, content can be connected and resolved in smaller units so it can be adapted for individuals and their needs. Content creators can later tailor output data in so the impact can be maximised.

Proof of this is that platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, which use AI algorithms so they can recommend content to their users. But this is not the strategy only for big corporations, it can be also used in connection with our previous chapter where people who share their knowledge can adjust their educational content based on needs of others with the help of Artificial intelligence, and as we said before, can expect better results over time.


Youth is one of the main concerns of BRAVO BiH. We invest a lot of our resources into youth who will later continue leading this world. Through our programs we implement objectives outlined by European Youth goals. We use modern technology for increasing work performances and evaluating the quality of our work. In projects such as „Becoming Digitally Conscious“ we aspire to raise awareness about AI, and how it can be used in in the best possible ways through non-formal education and innovative articles. In youth organizations, artificial intelligence may be used in:

  • Research: Taking experiences of previous actions on similar goals. It can also be used as a way of taking into account measures of precession in order to achieve the best possible results .
  • Practical advices: This goes hand in hand with research. With practical advices that were provided by AI, now we can see some of the new tools and approaches that can be used in projects, workshops, round tables and other activities. With this, also comes a package of practical advices on how to use each of mentioned tools in the best possible ways.
  • Ideas: Artificial Intelligence relies on collected data of its users, that’s why it progresses so fast with time. With this, it is no wonder how AI can provide us with fresh ideas for future activities.

In conclusion, but wise usage of AI we can equip new generations for an unpredictable world that is ahead of us. This project addresses the issue of the well being of a generation with life that can not be imagined without technology. We aspire to make a lasting impact through collective effort and by using AI in wise ways and taking the best that it has to offer.


“Becoming Digitally Conscious” is a Capacity Building project targeted at the promotion of healthy digital habits among young people (between 18 and 25 years old) living in the European and Western Balkans area. The goal is to make this group aware of the potential dangers of making excessive use of digital devices, such as psychological disorders (e.g., eating disorders and depression). Considering that virtual reality has become an essential part of young people’s lives (especially during the covid-19 pandemic to study or socialize, which before they did mainly offline), we believe it is important to train them on how to integrate digital devices in a healthy and conscious way. Through the education of youth workers, the project will contribute to increasing the quality, innovation, and recognition of youth work, supporting the sharing of methods to address the opportunities and implications of digitalization. Of course, it is as well related to “Addressing digital transformation through the development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity” because all major social changes imply some areas of risk that need to be reflected upon to mitigate the issues created (in this case digital addiction).

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