URGENT CALL for Moroccan and Spanish participants for Training Course in Kızkalesi, Türkiye


Name of the project: “TomorrowExperts; Leaders of Tomorrow”


Date of Project: 3.09.2022. – 13.09.2022.


Place: Kızkalesi, Türkiye


Participants age: +18


The number of participants: 5 + 5


Working language: English


Deadline for applying: ONGOING

This project is financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Program. This publication reflects the view only of the author, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. By Erasmus+ rules organizers will cover travel costs, accommodation and food.


TomorrowExperts; Leaders of Tomorrow is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project which will be organized in Silivri District of Mersin on 03-13 September 2022 by Social Empathy Education and Youth Club Association.

▪ Project Title: TomorrowExperts; Leaders of Tomorrow
▪ Project Type: KA152-YOU
▪ Venue: Kızkalesi, Erdemli, Mersin, Türkiye
▪ Duration: 9 day
▪ Implementation Dates): Arrivals: 03/09/2022 – Departures: 13/09/2022
▪ Nearest Airport: Adana Şakir Paşa Airport (ADA)
▪ Participant Number: 5 participants (preferably 3 female, 2 male) per organization


“Leaders of Tomorrow” is an 9-day Erasmus+ Youth Exchange that aims to respond to the needs of partner organizations and participants through non-formal education methodology. Project partners will benefit from the project to develop participants’ knowledge on the subject, establish partnerships and strengthen cooperation, empower participants to become future youth workers in their own communities and to apply learned skills and competences at local level. Organizations will work closely with participants for follow-up activities and future projects.

Key tasks:

✓ raising awareness on youth work and non-formal education
✓ empowering young people to become leaders and take action socially and politically
✓ Contributing to the success of Erasmus+ Youth in Actions and the future program of Erasmus+ Youth
✓ Provide space to increase participants’ knowledge of Erasmus+ and EU opportunities and to create new collaborative projects based on common methodologies acquired
✓ promoting non-formal learning and youth work
✓ develop participants’ social skills by providing communication and guidance tools
✓ increase the employability and participation of young people, allow them to grow personally and professionally and increase their productivity
✓ Promote respect for diversity, intercultural and interreligious dialogue
✓ Establishing partnerships and future collaborations on the basis of this project within the scope of

Therefore, this project will achieve its goals by involving experienced youth workers who will contribute through sessions with their professional and personal experiences, while helping them to experience facilitation and management. On the other hand, the small people involved will be equipped with the necessary tools and methods to increase employment and participation in society.


  1. AsfarEurope MTÜ (Estonia)
  2. Leadership Development Association Balkan, Kumanovo (Macedonia)
  3. TTB (Norway)
  4. Mediterranean Forum For Social Development (Morocco)


The project will provide opportunities for:

✓ Developing knowledge about youth work and non-formal education
✓ Improving social skills and employability
✓ Encouraging youth participation and solving local needs and challenges
✓ NGO sector, networking and partnership building mentality
✓ To be the leaders of tomorrow with acquired methods and tools
✓ How to manage the project and facilitate activities
✓ Having experienced volunteers to work with participating organizations
✓ Collaborating together for future projects and follow-up activities


Partner organizations will be presented by 5 participants. We are expecting 5 participants to be older than 18 years old and between 18-25 years old, participants who are under 18 years old will not be accepted to the program. Group Leaders: preferably between 25 and 35 y.o and with previous experiences in ErasmusPlus projects and a good knowledge of English. It is also requested to take gender balance under consideration while selecting participants. Please give priority to people who have had few or no opportunities to live experiences of this type and/or experience intercultural learning activities). All participants should be interested with project topics and their full motivation to take part in all activities will be expected.



YouthPass is certificate of Erasmus+ Program, which is used as a tool to recognize non-formal education and achievements of participants through different programs where they take part. Each participant of the training course who would attend all workshops and respect rules which will be formed together with participants will receive YouthPass Certificate at the end of our project.


During the project participants will be hosted in Hotel which meets international quality standards in Silivri District of Mersin Province. There will be different rooms (divided by gender) and 2 participants will stay at the room. The facility will be equipped with all necessary technical facilities. We also ask you to bring personal things suchas your shampoo, gel, etc. All costs related to accomodation and food (3 meals per day; breakfast, lunch & supper, warm drinks in coffee breaks) will be covered by project budget. There will be no participation fee. If there will be vegetarian or vegan participants we will also provide food for them depending on their eating choices, diets or special needs. You can inform us about your eating habits/allergies through mail.



Hotel Adress: Kızkalesi, Merkez Mah. Silifke Cad. No:89 / Erdemli / Mersin / Türkiye

Hotel Phone: +90 324 404 07 70 Hotel website:

Location on map:  It is 60 km to Mersin city center and 120 km to Adana Şakir Paşa Airport.



Transportation costs of all participants will be covered by project budget depending on limits of distance calculator of European Comission. Participants who needs visa will need to buy their visa stamps from airport as soon as they will land to first borderline or through internet and it is not more than 60 €s mostly. Visa costs (upto 50 € per person; to be taken from the total exceptional costs) can be paid in case some participants will need visa since we mention about this in project budget on application process. You can reach to the hotel address link below with your own means. It is 60 km to Mersin city center and 120 km to Adana Şakir Paşa Airport.


  • Two warm up / energizer
  • Intercultural evening: presenting your country throughtypical food, games, dances;
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for workshops which we will organize indoor and outdoor atmospheres depending on weather, slippers.
  • Camera and laptop you can bring on your own risk. Photos will be taken during Project by our team as well and at the end of the project we will share photos with all participants and partner organizations through links.
  • Don’t forget to bring good mood since you will have chance to spend your time during end of summer in Mersin and it will be best period to discover and enjoy Mersin and Turkiye.
  • Each partner should prepare presentations about their organization for “Organization Fair” Workshop and presentations about traditional games, and sports as well as legends and fairy tales of their country.


The participants are themselves responsible to get a travel & health insurance which is valid in Türkiye & Schengen region. We strongly suggest participants to have insurance. If anyone who uses medicine should bring with themselves. We can cover 75% of PCR, Antigen test, etc costs upto 50 euros per person (to be taken from the total exceptional costs) maximum per participant. “Each participant should check travel regulations before their travel”. We kindly ask that all participants arrive on the first day of the Project. We want to avoid unnecessary complications and create a safe and secure working environment. At the end of the project it is possible to stay 2 days more in Türkiye at one’s own expense and to be reimbursed for the travel. Participants should be vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19, otherwise they will not be allowed to get involved in the activities. We can cover all the mandatory Covid tests needed and visa costs inside the exceptional costs budget (there is a 50 € exceptional costs budget in total) and will cover the costs of the self-tests that will be used to monitor the situation during the period of the exchange.


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