BRAVO  announces URGENT CALL for participants from KOSOVO who already have VISA for Germany, or Serbians willing to travel from Kosovo to Germany, for Training in Berlin from 01st May – 08th May 2018.”

Name of project: “Building Trust through Cooperation” First TC (Community for All)
Date of TC: 01.05– 08.05.2018. 
Organizer: NGO NEST BERLIN e.V
Place: Berlin, Germany
Participants: 2Age of participants have to be 18+
Working language: English

Training Course is project under Erasmus+ program what means that TC is under Erasmus+ rules. Accommodation, food and travel costs (limit 375€) are covered by organizers.

Maximum of 2 days before OR after the program are allowed for extra stays (which will not be covered by the NGO NEST).


Themes of the TC:

The TC “Community for All” is part of Multi-Activity project of two training courses “Building Trust through Cooperation”. The project will provide the participants with new NFE techniques in the Music, Satire/Comics, Understand of Narrative. The project aims at positively affecting the condition of migrants/refugees in the following ways: – An open discussion on the condition of refugees, engaging against stereotypes and xenophobic sentiments among local populations – Peace building through conflict resolution activities, using NFE methods, which aims to develop awareness and competences of youngsters in the field.

The methodology of the seminar:

The main objective of the project is to endow youth/social workers and educators with skill sets and NFE tools related to narrative, satire and comics, using the aforementioned raise awareness about refugee issues. The focus being on fighting xenophobia and racism, supporting person to person reconciliation methods through the lens of a multi-cultural group. Promoting good practices of understanding and integration via a group consisting of multiple nationalities, religious and ethnic backgrounds. The involvement of youth/social workers is essential due to the fact that they can stimulate and activate integration processes in their society, while at the same time sharing best practices from the view of multiple nationalities. As the project also aims to strengthen partner organizations’ operations in the fields of the proposal, the participating youth operators will be selected among the professional staff resources of each partner organization.



Jugendgästehaus Nordufer :  Nordufer 28, 13351 Berlin

The venue of the Project is Jugendgästehaus Nordufer, The youth hostel is located in the district of Berlin-Mitte, directly on the beautiful Plötzensee. Nearby are an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a football field and the recreational and recreational park Rehberge. The public transport of the BVG is also easy to reach. Modern, partly handicapped accessible accommodation.


The intercultural dimension of any international project it is very important, as it is a great opportunity for you to present your country, traditions and so on, but also your way to be, your lifestyle, your way to communicate, etc.

You can prepare an activity (games, thematic parties,) in which you will present your country, your national food and drinks, dances, etc. (if needed you can use the projector).

Since there is going to be an intercultural night, we ask you to bring something traditional, famous or delicious from home – that you would like to represent your country with, and share with the others, it can be any kinds of food, drink…


Send short motivation letter until 500 words (in the word document) on mail: [email protected] as soon as possible with “subject = name of project you are applying for”.

All questions you can send on: [email protected]

CALL OPEN until we find 2 relevant participants.

Mail for applying: [email protected]  

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