From February 22nd to February 26th, seven organizations from five different countries gatherd in Ljubljana for a transnational meeting of the Second Chance project. The meeting served as a platform to discuss forthcoming activities aimed at empowering youth and fostering innovation across borders.


The participating organizations, from diverse cultural backgrounds, had discussions regarding the upcoming agenda of the project. Emphasis was placed on the role of youth exchanges in promoting skills development, entrepreneurship, and innovation among young individuals.


Over the course of the project, three youth exchanges are scheduled to take place, each focusing on distinct themes related to skills enhancement, entrepreneurship, and fostering innovation. These exchanges are poised to provide valuable

opportunities for young participants to broaden their horizons, exchange ideas, and develop essential competencies in a collaborative environment.


In addition to the youth exchanges, the project aims to organize a series of local workshops designed to complement the overarching objectives of the initiative. These workshops will serve as platforms for hands-on learning, skill-building, and networking opportunities tailored to the needs of local communities.


As the project continues to unfold, it remains committed to its mission of providing a second chance to young people, equipping them with the tools and resources needed to chart their own path towards a brighter future.


Project “Second chance!” brings together experts in inclusive education, textile design and entrepreneurship from Slovenia (Taka Tuka), Sweden (Drivhuset), Egypt (Galala Univeristy and Fashion & Design Center), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BRAVO), Albania (Albanian skills and Albania Craftsman Education) .They will work together to empower young people with fewer opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs and upcyclers by providing training, resources, and support, promoting non-formal learning, and contributing to the EU Youth Strategy.

The focus of the project will be to support the development of entrepreneurial skills among young individuals in the field of textile design. This includes providing guidance and mentorship on starting and running a business, financial management, marketing strategies, and other essential skills needed to be successful in this industry.

Further, consortium will aim to improve the textile design skills of these young people by offering training and workshops on various aspects of textile design, such as repurposing old clothing items; repairing, altering and upcycling their clothes; creating products using alternative fibers.

Moreover, the consortium also intends to guide these young entrepreneurs towards more sustainable practices in the textile industry, such as upcycling clothes and reducing textile waste. They will educate and raise awareness about the negative impact of fast fashion and the importance of sustainability in the textile industry.

The goal is to not only help these young individuals start and grow successful businesses, but also to contribute to a more sustainable future for the industry.

Who is BRAVO? Watch a video below and enjoy <3

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