United in Sarajevo, BiH, the „Train4Family“ transnational project meeting was successfully conducted, leaving all partners with a big motivation to achieve new milestones.


The transnational project meeting was held on the 3rd of April and it gathered representatives from 6 different organizations and institutions from BiH, Italy (The University Sports Center of Palermo), Croatia (PSA CR), Spain (The University of Murcia), Bulgaria (The Bulgarian Sports Development Association), Slovenia (IPAK). The meeting presented an opportunity for partners to catch up and discuss the implementation of future project activities. It was directed at the discussion about developing an instructional manual and preparation of the e-learning platform.


The partners discussed the creation of the project brochures which would be in the form of the project ID card and thus, they would include all relevant data about the project and EU contribution.

The focus was also put on the discussion about a web page that would be created as a main source of information and promotions of practicing sports for children with disabilities. The e-learning platform would include external and internal information and news about implemented activities and their objectives. Also, the best part about this platform is that it would be accessible to a wider audience.


But that’s not all. Partners discussed the other project activities and the process of their implementation. At the end of the meeting, the attendees compiled a satisfaction questionnaire to measure the quality of engagement and satisfaction with the specific content of the activities in which they will be directly involved. Be ready for Multiplier Sports Events and many other activities that will spark positive change!

The “Train4Family” project is of exceptional importance as it encourages and promotes active life among young people and uses sport as the main tool. We are excited to embark on this journey and bring more positive changes to the society of BiH!


Nowadays, sport can be seen as a relevant tool in development policies. There are many reasons for this: through its universality, sport transcends national, cultural, socio-economic, and political barriers, which is very important in a multipolar international context. Its capacity to create links between humans and communities is another factor that helps unite people of different origins and contributes to social cohesion. Its transversal nature, combined with its media power, gives it an active role in vital development questions: health, education, the construction of peace, emergencies and humanitarian aid.

This project aims to include disabled kids with their families in social life, to improve the quality of their lives, to make them closer to their families, to make them in sports recreation and consume healthy diets by creating an environment that enables their development. As part of the project, families will be educated under the guidance of trainers/coaches, and educational content available on the platform as well as in the manuals on methods of implementing sports for children with various types of physical or intellectual disabilities. Including the whole family in sports promotes a healthy lifestyle for the whole family, making parents/guardians/siblings more included and active in the life of their family member with disabilities. Physical activity has proven to have positive effects on the overall physical, mental, and emotional health of all persons, making it a valuable instrument for raising the quality of life of children with disabilities. Using athletics and swimming we want disabled children aged 6-18 to come together with their parents/guardians/siblings. Project activities are focused on improving the quality of life of children with disabilities, and their families, and actively promoting sports and healthy nutrition as mechanisms through which to reduce the degree of marginalization and improve the conditions for the social integration of children with disabilities.

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