We marked the beginning of September with a  3-day meeting within the project Development of Digital Platforms and Applications for the Revival of Traditional Sports and Games in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 15th to 18th of September. Main aim of this meeting was to gather partners to discuss and share about the progress in partner countries in regards to the implementation of the project. One of the main points of the meeting was testing, revising and editing of the intellectual outputs, toolkits and digital content. The discussion concluded with the strategic plan of  sharing intellectual output results and experiences throughout the project.



Intellectual outputs of the project


Intellectual outputs will be free and open to everyone at the international level. An inventory study with content such as printed / electronic intellectual outputs, books / booklets, innovative methods and techniques on teaching traditional sports and games, which will contribute to the protection of cultural heritage by researching, revealing, reviving and disseminating traditional sports and games that have sunk into oblivion in Europe and the world, In order to teach sports and games in a digital environment, the mobile application/game that is open to content development will contain output, intellectual output and features such as animation, cartoons.


The following project outputs / intellectual outputs are expected during and when the project is completed.
All outputs and intellectual outputs of the project will be integrated into the digital platform.


  • A web-based Digital Platform / Portal will be created for the Revival of Traditional Sports and Games (GSO)
  • Curriculum content to integrate GSOs into physical lessons in partner countries
  • Movies (animation and cartoons) for introducing / teaching GSOs to hearing impaired individuals
  • Traditional Sports and Games Toolkit (Toolkit)
Read more about one of the outputs: Traditional Sports and Games Toolkit

A Toolkit for the Revival of Traditional Sports and Games will be one of the intellectual outputs that will be a valuable material for all the organizations and individuals interested in the field of traditional sports and games.  It will be realized with the responsibility and collaboration of all partners.


This toolkit will include the following topics:

  • Supporting and Enhancing the Skills of Youth in the Revival and Sustainability of GSO (Traditional Sports and Games)
  • Developing Professional Athletes, Educators, Skills, and Competencies for GSO
  • Incorporating GSOs as an Academic Discipline into Programs
  • Initiatives to Integrate GSO into Physical Education in School Curricula from an Early Age
  • Measures for the use of digital tools to adapt to the creation, management, dissemination, accessibility, and consumption of creative and cultural products and events, and to accelerate digital transformation.

The target audience is organizations, institutions, individuals interested in traditional sports and games, institutes, educational institutions, ministries, and private sector entities in the countries of the partner organizations and in our country that work in the field of traditional sports and games. Since this toolkit will have a very broad and rich content, it can be transferred and used in academic studies, articles, publications, etc. It will be available in English and Turkish, free of charge and open to everyone.

More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 
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