Main goal of the project „TOOL4YOUTH“ is to promote media literacy in the wider community and raise awareness about the false information and how to recognize it. Digital age has made it easy for everyone to place information on the internet without going through fact checking and other information checking tools. This is why media literacy is a highly essential skill in the digital age.The main objectives are:

  • to increase awareness on what news are fake, which resources are not trustworthy
  • to create a common consciousness to change the societies habits on believing in everything they hear or read
  • to promote EU funding projects to wider communities
  • to raise awareness to youth education and its deep effects at local, national and international level.
  • to enhance media literacy skills of youth


  • to improve design thinking, creativity, adaptability, resilience, and even empathy.
  • to develop communication, team-work, digital literacy, analyzing, research skills.
  • to create innovative ideas, questioning and problem solving skills.
  • to reach 2000 people with our project and make awareness to wider community.
  • to hand in our production result e toolkit – comic strip to 1000 people.
  • to reach 100 people with Multiplier Event at local and national level,
  •         to reach 1000 person with our project website, social media, youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Erasmus Project Results Platform, EPALE, partners’ official website, visual and printed media, stands.

            to reach 1000 people with our workshops, symposia, online webinars, meetings, seminars, peer-to-peer activities

More about the workshop

The workshop contained a presentation about the project itself where the themes and objectives of the project mentioned before were explained. The moderator also talked about the activities that have already been accomplished as well as the future ones the project has in store for young people that are willing to travel for free and learn new things.


The participants had a brainstorming session about fake news, their experiences about the topic, how fake news affected the society, what negative side effects have fake news brought upon the usage of social media as a tool for learning and they presented their thoughts as well as shared some stories of their own cases of being affected by fake news. The most important thing they talked about was how to come up with a strategy of recognizing fake news, which tools to use and how to check the sources.


If you want to learn more about this topic, wait for our “TOOL4YOUTH” training course in March and apply!

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