Who said that there aren’t enough opportunities for young people? Through the LEO project, we provided a wide range of activities for young people to learn, network, and acquire professional experience. Speaking of the LEO project, we have written one more chapter that will surely be interesting for you!

As such, the LEO project was finalized with a successful Multiplier Event held in Zenica, BiH. The event brought together 30 young people from diverse backgrounds who were eager to learn about the project and participate in an interactive workshop. The workshop provided a safe space for participants to discuss challenges and issues that are deeply rooted in patriarchal societies. The goal of this event was to showcase the project’s achievements, impact, and work done. The event consisted of two parts, with the facilitator sharing information on the project’s message and achievements in the first part. The second part was more interactive and included a workshop that encouraged mutual learning and networking among participants.

The participants were divided into groups and each group approached their chosen problem from a unique perspective. The different perspectives included those of a political party, a sports club, a student hub, and a teachers’ union. The participants covered a wide range of problems such as femicide, gender stereotypes in sports, discrimination, and societal standards. The workshop provided the participants with the opportunity to speak up and share their experiences which were far from flattering. Still, they found a common bond and further deepened their connections.


The workshop enabled participants to gain insight into diverse perspectives and collaborate to solve pressing issues. By combining ideas and creating innovative solutions, participants gradually contributed to creating positive changes in the local community. After participants had finished their presentation, the event slowly began to come to an end. It concluded with a summary and reflection of key takeaways. The participants left the event with a deep sense of encouragement and motivation to start changing society and start actively practicing the idea of leadership for everyone.


As we move forward, the impact of the multiplier event will continue to motivate us and give us the push we need to continue creating positive stories in our community. The multiplier event may have concluded but the project ‘LEO’ will never be entirely over as the story extends much deeper than the surface level!


Till next time remember that leadership is for everyone!

More about "LEO" project:

Women’s empowerment is a prerequisite for gender equality, according to the CoE Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023. Even when girls demonstrate leadership abilities or hold positions of power, the world fails to make them feel good because the mind model that we have is gendered “male.” As a result, when girls adopt such a model, claiming that leaders are bold and make difficult decisions, they may experience cognitive Men outnumber women in leadership positions in every sector of the world, including business, nonprofits, government, education, medicine, the military, and religion  This gender gap, often referred to with the metaphor “glass ceiling”, represents one of the most critical challenges to achieve gender equity and allow equitable working opportunities to all genders


The project aims to enhance women’s leadership, develop NFE resources for youth workers and young people, promote men’s involvement in women’s empowerment, and strengthen the synergies between youth work and the labor market.

And specific call’s thematic areas: 


  1. inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities; 
  2. eempowerment/engagement / employability of young people; 
  3. anti-discrimination and gender equality

 Overall, the LEO project efficiently contributes to the global effort to achieve gender equity and meets the EU Gender Equality Strategy Key Actions 2020-2025 (challenging gender stereotypes, boosting women’s economic empowerment, and ensuring equal opportunities in the labor market). Moreover, the project addresses many of the general and specific call’s objectives, ensuring its quality and relevance.


More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 
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