Bosnia and Herzegovina has many young leaders. Today, we present to you an incredibly female leader named Lejla Omerović. She wants to use her example to inspire other women to develop on a personal and professional level. There are no limits for this IT leader. A woman in a leading position is supporting another woman to reach the same. BRAVO – Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities gives attention to this  amazing female boss. There is a saying, “You are never too young to make a difference.” This extra ordinary young person is an example of that saying.

High school professors didn’t believe she was an IT genius. She has demented them with her career successes through the non-governmental sector. The United Nations in BiH presented her with the award for the best small IT company, her first intership was in Ministry of Programming, she won first place in the first women’s hackathon in Bosnia and Herzegovina funded by the European Union, UNICEF, UN Women and UNDP .

With her activism she fights for gender equality, better education. She was a speaker at the first TEDxYouth conference. Her speech is particularly notable. The falls have brought her to where she is now. After researching about programming, she decided to take everything to the next level. Programming has become her love.

She started with ideas on how to make a calculator for physics and math classes. She did it all bravely on her own. Loneliness is her best friend and she thinks that the best ideas come to her then. Her beginning was difficult because she did not find the support of society. She was a crazy teenager who spent her free time researching programming. She compared young people from the USA and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although she did not have the opportunity as a young man from the USA, she wanted to be the first in STEM. Lejla is proof that all dreams can come true. In the projects she worked on, she did not allow fear to limit her and not allow her to step out of her comfort zone. Getting out of the comfort zone is the key to any success.

She would describe her long road to success as: “Excellence is a continuous process, not a coincidence.” Don’t forget to #MAKETHEWORLDWONDER wonder.

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