‘’Youth Sustainability Lab” project was one of the best experiences of my life. It not only provided us with a wealth of knowledge about sustainability, but it also allowed us to apply that knowledge to real-world challenges. The opportunity to actively engage in finding solutions to pressing environmental issues was truly empowering. The exchange of ideas and experiences broadened our horizons, enabling us to approach sustainability from a more holistic and inclusive standpoint. One of the most remarkable aspects of the project was the sense of unity and collaboration. We became acutely aware of the urgent need for sustainable practices and the role each of us plays in making a positive impact. The project not only empowered us with knowledge but also inspired us to take action, both individually and collectively, to address the challenges we face. The friendships forged, the knowledge gained, and the experiences shared have left an indelible mark on my personal and professional journey.The “Youth Sustainability Lab” project has not only equipped us with the tools and skills to create change but has also nurtured a deep passion within us to become lifelong advocates for sustainability. It has provided a solid foundation upon which we can continue to build a greener, more equitable world.’’ – Ena Hajdarević

”I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the Youth Sustainability Lab project held in Cuevas Bajas, Spain, from May 3rd to May 11th. This project was specifically aimed at addressing environmental issues and promoting sustainability among young people. As a representative from Bosnia and Herzegovina, I had the privilege of being a team leader and actively contributing to the project. The Youth Sustainability Lab, with its well-defined objective, created a platform for young participants to research and analyze environmental challenges in their respective countries. Throughout the project, we engaged in various educational activities, workshops, and discussions that expanded our knowledge and understanding of environmental issues. One of the remarkable aspects of the project was the opportunity to interact with participants from different countries across Europe. The intercultural nights allowed us to appreciate and embrace diverse cultures, fostering an atmosphere of learning and collaboration. Moreover, our time in Cuevas Bajas, Spain was truly unforgettable. In addition to the interactive workshops, we had the chance to explore breathtaking nature, immerse ourselves in the local cuisine, and participate in activities like hiking along the river and horse riding. It was an enriching experience that allowed us to appreciate the beauty of nature and understand the importance of sustainable practices. I highly recommend young individuals to seize opportunities like the Erasmus+ projects. Not only do these projects provide valuable education, but they also offer unforgettable experiences, cultural exchange, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals from different backgrounds. Participating in the Youth Sustainability Lab was a truly rewarding and eye-opening journey.”Tarik Babović

”Throughout the workshops and activities, we had an abundance of fun, and the organizers made sure that the atmosphere was always vibrant and engaging. It was incredible to witness how everyone’s passion and enthusiasm fueled a creative and collaborative environment. But it wasn’t just the workshops that made the experience memorable; it was also the breathtaking natural beauty of Cuevas Bajas. Surrounded by such picturesque landscapes, we couldn’t help but feel inspired and motivated. Whether it was exploring the nearby forests, hiking in the mountains, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the countryside, we created beautiful memories that will stay with us forever. Moreover, this program allowed me to dive deeper into a topic I am genuinely interested in. The opportunity to learn and work alongside experts in the field was invaluable. It pushed me to expand my knowledge and explore new perspectives, ultimately helping me grow both personally and professionally. One of the most rewarding aspects of the program was the people I met. Interacting with individuals from various countries and cultures opened my eyes to different ways of thinking and living. These friendships are bonds that I will cherish for a lifetime. In summary, participating in this youth exchange has been an incredible journey filled with personal growth, unforgettable moments, and lifelong friendships. It has given me the opportunity to pursue my passions, connect with inspiring individuals, and explore new places. I am forever grateful for this experience and the impact it has left on my life!’’ –  Edvin Rahman

‘’During the Youth Exchange, I had the pleasure of meeting not only lovely and interesting people but also individuals who would soon become my lifelong friends. Each day brought forth a new set of exciting and diverse tasks for us to undertake. One of the highlights of the Youth Exchange was undoubtedly the intercultural nights. These special evenings provided us with the opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions represented by the countries participating in the project. Through lively conversations, engaging presentations, and vibrant displays of music, dance, and cuisine, we gained a great understanding and appreciation for each other’s backgrounds. The intercultural nights became a window into the world, allowing us to celebrate our differences while also recognizing the common threads that unite us as human beings. What made this entire experience even more beautiful were the wonderful people who were part of it. The connections I formed during the Youth Exchange were genuine and heartfelt. We laughed together, supported one another, and created bonds that will last for a lifetime. Looking back, I can confidently say that the Youth Exchange was an unforgettable experience that left an indelible mark on my heart.’’ – Merjem Muran

”Every time I go somewhere I get a new experience and improve my mindset. It was the same in this case as well. I can say with certainty that Spain is the most beautiful country I have visited. I especially liked the place where we were “Cuevas Bajas”. That landscape is indescribable. That beauty is evoked by the olive groves, smiling and cheerful people and of course the pleasant climate. Also, the tour of Cordoba was an unforgettable experience where we gained new knowledge about the history of Cordoba as well as the beauties of the modern part of the city that Cordoba offers. All in all, this was an unforgettable experience from which I could learn a lot, but most importantly, I left behind memories that I believe will follow me for the rest of my life.” Rijad Raščić

”My participation in the Youth Sustainability Lab in Cuevas Bajas exceeded all expectations. Every day we thought about new topics and led debates related to sustainability. The knowledgeable and passionate facilitators Ana and Joanna inspired me to explore sustainability further. The program’s balance of theory and hands-on activities, along with interactive workshops, encouraged critical thinking and meaningful discussions. I especially liked when we were designing videos that would encourage a certain group to take action, all while getting to know people that participated in this project and that are coming from other countries. In addition to all that, the cultural nights gave us the opportunity to get to know the culture of other countries even better, which is the special charm of this kind of adventure.

I especially like that we participated in the design and creation of videos, took roles in videos, edited videos and experienced and learned a lot through this, starting from recording and editing videos, through acting to taking care of the environment, all while we were having so much fun. All days of the exchange, we were located in a very quiet and sunny place with very hospitable hosts who provided us with everything we needed, especially an extra plate. The beautiful horses in this place won our hearts, especially Toronero.”  – Amila Mujagić

‘’The project “Youth Sustainability Lab” was not only a life-changing experience but also a transformative journey that pushed me to grow in multiple ways. Engaging in this project allowed me to broaden my understanding of environmental issues and deepen my knowledge of sustainability as a whole. Through active participation in the “Youth Sustainability Lab,” I was exposed to a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, which challenged and expanded my existing knowledge. The project provided a platform for me to interact with experts in the field, engage in insightful discussions, and collaborate with fellow passionate individuals who shared the common goal of creating a more sustainable future. Participating in the “Youth Sustainability Lab” not only broadened my understanding of environmental issues but also inspired me to take action. I discovered innovative solutions and strategies that can be implemented in my daily life. Moreover, the project empowered me with the tools and resources needed to drive change in my local community.’’ – Alma Sunulahpašić

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