‘’Youth for Green Future Erasmus+ exchange was my first-ever exchange, and I can say with confidence that it exceeded my expectations. The program was designed to trigger the participants’ engagement, making it much easier to contribute. I loved the diversity of cultures and how proud we all were to represent our own and teach others about our unique phrases and habits. I am very thankful for my teammates, who made this experience so memorable with their energy. The participants’ openness and willingness to socialize and contribute by sharing their knowledge and skills were very useful, as I finished the project with very useful skills that I will use in my everyday life. I learned the most important thing – how to save the planet with my actions. I learned how to plant a tree, which was a life-changing experience for me, as a nature lover who thought that my actions alone weren’t big enough to make a change. I was proven wrong, and with this knowledge, I feel a lot more confident in my relationship with our home, the planet Earth. This experience broadened my views on the importance of youth activism, and I would love to experience it all again sometime in the future!’’ – Fatima Jichi

‘’I fully immersed myself in the intercultural experience from the first to the last day of the Youth Exchange, being present and enjoying every moment. Although the project went by too quickly, I gained knowledge, cherished memories, and made friendships that would last a lifetime. Of course, this project, like the others, has had an impact on me, but in different ways. This youth exchange was special in many aspects, especially the educational aspect. It was refreshing to participate in high-quality educational workshops and become inspired to make a change using the knowledge I acquired. We all extended our knowledge regarding environmental practices and became motivated to start acting more responsibly and take care of the Planet Earth. The answer is simple. There is no other place like Planet Earth and throughout these days, we have not only made connections with each other but we deepen our connection with Planet Earth which often is being neglected by us, human beings, due to our obligations in the fast-living world. Taking a walk, meditating, planting trees, and discovering nature had a therapeutic effect on all of us as we realized the importance of mental health and the role that nature plays in taking part in it. Therefore, the program was perfectly designed in a way that it didn’t only help us find lost connections to nature but also reconnect with our inner selves. We learned that real change starts from ourselves and by taking care of ourselves and practicing eco-friendly behavior, we are taking care of our Planet Earth. We don’t have that much time left, so the only right time to start is now.” – Una Alispahić

”Participating in the Erasmus+ project ‘’Youth for Green Future’’ has been one amazing experience that I will forever cherish. The project blended education with enjoyment, introducing us to new concepts in a fun and interactive way, with an emphasis on collaborative group work that fostered both networking and creative thinking. Beyond the educational aspect, this project provided a platform for personal growth, relaxation, and the joy of being in the company of like-minded individuals. It offered a chance to make friends from diverse backgrounds and create unforgettable memories. In addition, it was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn, unwind, and connect with high-quality people. I am truly grateful for the experience and the lifelong bonds created during this Erasmus+ project.’’ – Miloš Samardžić

”As this is my first Erasmus+ project ever, I will remember it as one of the best experiences and memories in my life. The project itself was teaching us many new things in a fun way- many of those being group work which helped us network and think outside of the box, which I loved. But the project was not just about the ‘green future’ as the title says, it was about connecting, making new memories, and friends, and bonding. Personally, enjoyed being surrounded by so many people that are just there to help you and make you laugh, even though I knew them for a short period, I felt like that. I did make many friends from other countries but the real friends I made are from my team, Miloš, Una, Fatima, and Farah who are probably one of the kindest and most helpful persons I’ve ever met in my life.  Nothing more to say than this project was a great opportunity for everyone to learn something, feel relaxed, be surrounded by good people and make great friends, enjoy the accommodation and its food.” – Haris Kahriman

”Youth Exchange project „Youth for Green Future“ was one of the best experiences of my life. I had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people with whom I plan to stay in good and quality communication. Different cultures, opposite opinions, and ways of living were among the main topics during all 9 days. You just never can get surprised enough and that is why traveling is more of an addiction than an opportunity. Because of BRAVO I for sure can say that I am a travel and adventure addict, and I am truly thankful for that. Besides all the fun parts of this experience, I had the opportunity to learn about nature and realistic „green“life changes. To be honest, I didn’t think that this trip or education would change my way of thinking in this amount, but it did. Even now when I am home, far away from all the people I have met and the influence of the lectures, I am still thinking in a more „green-friendly “way. I loved planting a baby birch on the trip!’’ – Farah Muftić

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