We participated on the Mind craft project in Balatonszarszo, Hungary, from 21-29 November. We participated in various workshops with other participants from the Czech Republic, Georgia, Romania, Croatia and Italy. Through cooperation and conversations with other participants, we learned a lot about the countries and cultures from which they come, and we gained the desire to visit those countries one day. After learning about the importance of mental health and the ways we can achieve it, we brainstormed various ideas and proposals and as a group we got along very well with each other and worked very well together. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this Youth Exchange a reality and those who made it possible for us to spend a wonderful time hanging out with other young people.” – Gabriel Jelić

“From 21st to 29th November, we attended the project “MindCraft”. Since this was my first project I ever attended, I can say it was an amazing experience. The project’s theme was very educational, but in a fun and interesting way. I am so grateful for all the people I met during this time, the whole group was great, it is amazing that on projects like these, we are able to meet people from different countries with different cultures we can learn so much about. This project was kind of a challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone, which I really did, and I am looking forward to new projects!” – Uma Hasanagić
“I have been greatly impacted by the “Mind Craft” initiative. The instructors selected were outstanding, contributing to an exceptionally constructive experience. The participants I worked with on the project are invaluable, and I am grateful I got to work with such an amazing group of people. The project had a positive effect on my outlook on culture and general well-being. The bonds that were developed with other participants become lifelong friendships. The team’s multicultural composition enriched our common experience by providing insights into different cultures and fostering a sense of unity among people all across the world.” – Lejla Brdjanin
In this lovely November, I had the chance to participate in the “Mind Craft” project, an experience that profoundly impacted my life. Beyond gaining insights into the significance of self-care and mental health, I acquired practical techniques for employing positive mental health practices to alleviate stress. Moreover, I learned strategies to enhance my concentration, a skill I previously lacked.
The success of the project owes much to its dedicated members. These individuals were not only open-minded but actively engaged in the sessions. I encountered people during this project whom I will cherish for a lifetime. In summary, these moments have given me unforgettable memories. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this project, where I not only broadened my horizons but also shaped my character and identified the person I aspire to become.” – Harun Smajić

“I went in expecting an ordinary project, but got an extraordinary one. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve been to a few projects before, but never had the luck of meeting this amount of lovely people in one place. We laughed together, cried together and had the time of our lives together. I’m forever grateful to everyone who played a part in organizing the event that brought so many life-long friends into my life. Experiences like these are why I’ll never stop recommending Erasmus+ projects to anyone and everyone I meet.” – Mirza Hajdarhodžić

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