“I can confidently say that the “Hiking for Better Earth” Erasmus project has been one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. I have met so many wonderful individuals from different cultures and the sense of community and shared passion for hiking was truly inspiring. The hikes were not only challenging and rewarding, but the stunning views and amazing people made it all the more special. I learned so much about hiking preparation and sustainability, which I can’t wait to apply to future hiking adventures. Additionally, the various workshops that I had the opportunity to prepare, significantly improved my communication skills and boosted my self-confidence in interacting within an intercultural environment. This was my first Erasmus project, and I am sure not the last. It provided me with a better understanding of different cultures and countries and taught me new hiking skills while staying in a beautiful environment.” – Naida Nožić

”I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Youth Exchange “Hiking for Better Earth”. This experience has been truly transformative, both personally and in terms of my understanding of sustainable practices and the importance of preserving our natural environment. One of the highlights of this exchange program was the emphasis on sustainability and responsible hiking. We engaged in workshops and interactive sessions where we learned about the importance of preserving the environment while enjoying outdoor activities. We delved into nature clean-up initiatives, understanding the impact of litter and waste on ecosystems, and actively participated in cleaning up trails and natural areas. Additionally, we explored eco-friendly outdoor activities, discovering how to minimize our environmental impact while engaging in adventure sports and recreational pursuits. The program also provided us with a unique opportunity to learn about the local flora and fauna through a captivating herbal hike. Safety in the mountains was another crucial aspect covered in the program. We received comprehensive training and guidance on mountain safety, including navigation skills, understanding weather conditions, and the proper use of equipment. We learned practical skills such as sustainable resource management, environmental education, and advocacy for eco-friendly practices. These skills equipped us to make a positive impact in our local contexts and contribute to building a greener and more sustainable future.This program broadened my horizons, deepened my appreciation for nature, and equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be a responsible and environmentally conscious global citizen.” Nejla Ahmetagić

‘’The youth exchange program “Hiking for Better Earth” was an incredible experience. The location of the exchange was breathtaking and perfect for hiking and outdoor activities. The program was well thought out and the activities helped us bond and gave us an opportunity to get to know each other’s cultures. We learned some new things and some new skills and we also shared our own experience and knowledge with others. The hikes tested our endurance and our cooperation skills, but also allowed us to get to know ourselves and our competencies better. I met some wonderful people and got the opportunity to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina and its culture along with my teammates. I am happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.’’ – Meliha Rešo

‘’There are a few words that a person can say after this kind of experience. Even now I cannot fully grasp the situation I was put in. The situation of being in such a wonderful, welcoming, and positive community felt like a dream – surreal. I was feeling like it wasn’t actually happening and the end had to come sooner or later. That’s why I decided to live every moment in the present and be happy with what I achieved and what I am doing.  I decided to experience a new kind of emotion and a friendly environment outside my country. That decision was the best one I had. This project has made my views on life wider, made me believe in my capabilities, and also enhance abilities such as communication skills, safety skills, green skills, etc. “Hiking for Better Earth” didn’t just make me love Earth even more, it made me love myself and appreciate every moment I have on this Earth.  The knowledge I gained, the friendships I made and the resolution I gave myself made me a better person. I am very thankful for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to joining similar projects again.’’ – Eman Spahić

‘’My Erasmus project,,Hiking for Better Earth” is definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had. I can say that organization, workshops and projects were really interesting,fun, and beneficial for all of us. Meeting new people,l earning about different cultures and countries was really helpful to discover more and help me to get out of my comfort zone. The most interesting activity was hiking and team building when we had to get over the rope while helping each other.But the memory that will always stay with me is people I have met and stories I have heard from everyone in our group. In general, all experience was amazing and unforgettable because it really taught me about behaving in nature, discovering more about myself and understanding the benefits of hiking and nature.I really hope I will get a chance to experience more with Erasmus and BRAVO because for young people this is definitely something that can help and change our perspective of life in a positive way.” – Faris Sikira

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