‘’I had an amazing time in Spain, exploring the richness of culture. I strolled through the narrow, charming streets of old towns, where every corner felt like a picturesque story. I tasted the diversity of Spanish cuisine, from delicious paella to a variety of tapas, immersing myself in traditions. I felt the warmth of the Spanish sun on the beautiful beaches of Santander, creating unforgettable moments with friends I made along the way. During the exchange, I met two good friends, Lamija and Hamza. They will forever remain in my memories, just like this wonderful adventure. I learned to appreciate the relaxed way of life and the sense of community. Daily siestas, flamenco dance, and the joy in the streets create an incredible impression that will stay with me forever. Spain is truly a country that captures the heart with its beauty and warmth. One of the key lessons learned was adapting to new situations and overcoming challenges arising from an international environment. Despite our diverse origins from various corners of the world, we share more similarities than differences.’’ – Danis Sijamija

‘’Firstly, I wanted to say that I am grateful because I had this amazing opportunity to spend 10 days discussing social entrepreneurship and many many other important topics about mental health and self-improvement. This is the best youth exchange I had the opportunity to participate in. I liked everything there, people, organization, topics, food, trips, and the place we stayed in. I am very glad I had the opportunity to practice my English, represent my country, and learn a lot of new things which will be very useful to develop my country and my local community. I would single out the best people there, Lamija and Danis. This youth exchange was amazing but they made it even better. Being in an intercultural society for 10 days helped me to be a more aware and open-minded person, and to broaden my horizons. Apart from learning about the main topics of this Erasmus+ youth exchange which were very well taught I had the opportunity to practice my Arabic language as well with people from Egypt. It also helped me to improve myself in terms of being an open-minded person who wants to be an activist in the future. And, also, I would single out that one night in Istanbul which was the best night I have ever had.’’ – Hamza Čustović

‘’The project, Dream after COVID’’ was very interesting and we had the opportunity to learn some new things.  We learned about other cultures through workshops and group assignments. We exchanged experiences with other young people about how they experienced COVID and what problems they faced during that period. We paid special attention to our psychological state and ways to fight with our psyche. We learned new methods and ways to overcome fears when we have a difficult mental moment. I also had the opportunity to lead workshops for the first time with my friend Danis, and that was a special experience for me, and that experience will mean a lot to me for some future projects. Thanks to this project, I had the opportunity to meet new friends from our homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with whom I remained in contact even after the project. This project meant a lot to me because I learned and saw a lot of new things and met new friends, which is the greatest value of these projects.’’ – Nejra Fejzović

‘’Participating in the Erasmus+ youth exchange program was the best experience I had this year and I am so happy and grateful that BRAVO allowed me to be a part of it. This awesome journey brought together passionate young individuals from diverse backgrounds, uniting us under a common goal: to learn, share, and grow together. The exchange was an adventure from exploring different cultures, traditions, and viewpoints to having fun together while playing games and talking. The most valuable thing that happened to me is the new friends I made and I value every second I spent with them. My favorite two Hamza and Danis made this exchange very interesting because we had so many funny moments together that I will remember forever. Also, through this project, I discovered different perspectives which left an impact on me. It was really interesting to see how we all come from different parts of the world and yet we have so many similarities. This exchange helped me connect with like-minded people and create connections with them.’’ – Lamija Veladžić

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‘’Participating in the ‘Dreams after Covid’ project has been an unparalleled experience for me. It opened doors to new friendships, cultures, and unforgettable moments. Thanks to the organization that sent me on this journey, I not only explored how the world is reshaping post-COVID but also connected with inspiring individuals from diverse countries. The workshops were both refreshing and enlightening, especially those on dance, drama, and themed nights spent with wonderful friends I made along the way. This experience will forever enrich my life and catalyze my ongoing personal and professional growth. Thank you for allowing me to dream and achieve more than I imagined possible.’’ – Medina Nezić

‘’Participating in the project ‘Dreams After Covid’ has been a great opportunity for me to experience new things. The whole project was interesting and educational, I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot at the same time. One of the best things about every project for me is meeting new friends and new people who have a different point of view. It helps me find myself in different areas. One another important thing that I learned much about is the anxiety problem that many youths suffer from. I extended my knowledge about that and I think that everybody should be aware of the importance of that problem.’’ – Fahira Osmić

‘’I visited three continents and many places that, as a tourist, I would never have known about. As in everything else, on Erasmus exchanges, the choice is only YOURS: whether to study, whether to get drunk, whether to look for a job/volunteer work/scholarship, whether to look for a friend or partner (business/romantic ), should you despair, should you broaden your horizons and your boundaries, etc. This project enriched my life with new experiences and new people with whom I found a common bond. During my exchange, I discovered the true essence of cultural exchange and the invaluable impact it can have on personal growth. The diverse landscapes, languages, and traditions I encountered opened my eyes to a world beyond textbooks and classrooms. Whether navigating through bustling markets, participating in local festivities, or engaging in spontaneous conversations with people from various backgrounds, I was constantly learning. Beyond the academic opportunities, the project provided a platform for self-discovery and the chance to embrace a global perspective.’’ – Ermina Vukalić

‘’The charming streets of old towns became the backdrop to a transformative journey, where every corner felt like a picturesque story waiting to be unfolded. The warmth of the Spanish sun on the beautiful beaches forged unforgettable moments with friends from all parts of the world. I learned to appreciate the relaxed way of life and the profound sense of community that permeated the air. Spain, with its beauty and warmth, captured my heart, and the connections made during this incredible journey are threads woven into the tapestry of my life, creating memories that will stay with me forever. This project not only broadened my horizons but also reinforced the idea that despite our diverse origins, we share more similarities than differences, making the world feel like a smaller, more interconnected place. We truly did make the world wonder!’’ – Emir Isaković

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