”The experience of becoming digitally conscious through the youth exchange was truly beautiful. The organization of the project was executed exceptionally well, and I formed meaningful connections with every person involved. Participating in this type of project ignited a passion within me for project work, and I am eager to continue exploring similar opportunities. One of the highlights of the exchange was the exciting hunt around the lake. It was a unique and engaging way to learn and connect with others. In fact, everything about the project was meticulously planned and executed, from the accommodations to the overall program structure.The experience was unforgettable, and it left a lasting impression on me. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such an awesome project and am looking forward to more similar experiences in the future.” – Tarik Fejzić

”Participation in the “Becoming Digitally Conscious” project was overall an unforgettable experience for me. I learned a lot about healthy habits and the correct ways of using digital tools and content. Exceptional young people from different parts of Europe and the world met at this project in Berlin and shared their experiences and ideas about young people and digitalization. The program did not pass in lectures and theory but in practical and useful activities. By disconnecting from the digital world, we had the opportunity to spend more time in outdoor activities and games in order to connect more easily. Visiting museums and institutions related to digitalization and tourist locations in Berlin are only part of the interesting activities of this exchange. This project will always remain in my fond memories and it definitely contributed to my experience and knowledge about digitization and healthy habits related to it, as well as the knowledge needed for further volunteer and activist work. It brought me new friendships and positive experiences, for which I can only be grateful to the BRAVO organization and Erasmus projects.” – Adrijan Cvijanović

”I had an amazing time at the “Becoming Digitally Conscious ” youth exchange in Berlin. The organizers and participants were friendly and welcoming. We learned about important digital skills and how to use technology responsibly. The workshops and discussions were interesting and made us think. We also got to explore Berlin’s tech scene and culture. I made friends from different countries, and we still keep in touch. I highly recommend this program to young people who want to grow personally, understand different cultures, and become responsible digital citizens. It was a life-changing experience! We truly did #MaketheWorldWonder”-Harun Varupa

”Becoming Digitally Conscious”  was a transformative experience for me, as my first youth exchange I didn’t know what to expect from projects like these, but this experience blew all of my doubts out of the way. The topic itself was incredibly interesting and was dealing with a contemporary, ongoing subject that is, digital consciousness. Apart from learning some extremely valuable things I also met some amazing young optimistic people from all over Europe and I got to visit Berlin a city that was perfect for this project because it is a very developed and modern city trying to reinvent itself for the next generations and for the future of our planet. Overall a great journey, can’t wait to attend other projects like these in the future” – Elhana Husović

”Privileged, blessed, and overwhelmed. Those are the three words I would use to describe this amazing, ”roller coaster ride” that took place in Berlin, Germany. Even though Youth Exchange ”Becoming Digitally Conscious” lasted only for 6 days, we have all learned so much about digitalization and its healthy usage. Not only that, through teamwork activities and free time, we all have learned so much from each other and gradually broaden our horizons. What can happen in 6 days? A lot, trust me, as my life has shifted for 180 degrees because of the amazing participants who came from different parts of Europe and have inspired me to be better and try my best.The project was organized very well and provided us with the opportunity to expand our knowledge on the topics of technology, social media, and digitalization. One of the highlights of the project was visiting the Futurium Museum, which both intrigued and scared me by showing us how our future might look like, which may not be as shiny as it seems. It’s hard to put into words how impactful this journey has been, and I’m eagerly waiting for another chapter in this story.’’ – Una Alispahić

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