“From 30th October to 8th November, we participated in the Youth Exchange “Art Included” project in Jizbice pod Blanikem, Czech Republic. We met a lot of interesting and generous people from different countries (the Czech Republic, France, Portugal, and Italy), and they presented their cultures, habits, and customs. Besides that, two actors taught us how to do improvisation (which is used in theatre) through workshops that were excellent and interesting, and they were great teachers. I will probably apply these workshops later in life, and show them to others. We had so much fun while learning there; the atmosphere throughout the whole project was the utmost. The organizers of this project were kind, sweet, and amazing people; they respected us to the utmost, and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to participate in this project. Thankfully, this project taught me a lot and enabled me to make new connections and befriend new people. If I could go back in time, I would repeat it and apply to this project again.”  – Lena Mazalica

The “Art Included” project was an unforgettable experience that opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective. I was able to meet new people and learn something new. We acquired and developed new competencies, enhanced a more inclusive society, and encouraged international and intercultural cooperation. We advanced our theatrical skills and had a final theatre performance.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this Youth Exchange and I’m looking forward to joining similar projects. Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on the opportunity to participate in this Youth Exchange. It was a transformative journey that went beyond the boundaries of traditional learning, creating memories and friendships that will endure. – Amina Mehinbašić

The idea of socializing with people from different countries in a completely unfamiliar location for adventurers sounds like a “must-have” for the season. The “Art Included” project represents the pinnacle of combining informal education and good fun. I was particularly excited about the prospect of visiting the very attractive and tourist-friendly Prague in its full autumn splendor. In a very short period, we had the opportunity to create something common with strangers. We succeeded in that. Sadly, every time frame is short for projects like “Art Included.” – Ernes Halilović

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The project was excellently organized. The teachers were perfectly chosen and the whole experience was more than positive. The people I met on the project are irreplaceable and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to travel and be part of a wonderful team. The overall impact of the project was overwhelmingly positive, leaving an indelible mark on my personal and cultural perspectives. The connections formed with fellow participants evolved into bonds that are irreplaceable. The diversity within the team enriched the collective experience, providing insights into different cultures and fostering a sense of global unity. ‘’ – Jelena Blagojević

This year, I had the extraordinary privilege of seizing an unparalleled opportunity to take part in the youth exchange program, “Art Included,” hosted in the Jizbice pod Blanikem in the Czech Republic. These unforgettable 10 days became a kaleidoscope of personal growth and cultural exploration. Each day presented a fresh set of challenges, transforming my experience into a dynamic journey of self-discovery. Amidst the cobblestone streets and rich tapestry of cultural diversity, I absorbed invaluable insights into not only my own identity but also the myriad perspectives, attitudes, and cultures of my fellow participants. The main theme of the exchange revolved around the convergence of art and inclusion. In the initial days, our focus was dedicated to exploring the intricacies of inclusion, delving deep into meaningful discussions and activities. As the program unfolded, we seamlessly transitioned to the realm of art, emphasizing the enchanting world of improvisation. Here, we passionately immersed ourselves in the art form, recognizing its universal accessibility as a powerful means of creative expression for all. This project catalyzed my departure from the confines of my comfort zone, propelling me into a realm where self-confidence flourished. It not only nurtured my creativity but also ushered in a transformative phase of personal growth. Beyond these enriching experiences, the endeavor gifted me with enduring friendships that are etched into the tapestry of my life, creating incredible memories I will forever cherish. These moments will forever linger in my memory, a testament to the profound impact of this immersive exchange. – Lajla Bajrić

“Among memorable experiences in my life that left an impact on me was this youth exchange. During experiences like these, you learn something you would not in everyday life. Here, we learned to laugh at our mistakes, enjoy the moment, relax, and get out of our comfort zone. In environments like these, we feel like we grow as people and as those who will make an impact in the future. I will carry memories from the Erasmus+ program deep in my heart. In this kaleidoscope of diverse cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds, I learned not only about others but also about the depth of my own convictions. The program became a mirror reflecting the beauty of human commonality amidst our unique differences. Through intercultural and interreligious dialogue, my perspective broadened.”- Tarik Dudić

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