Participating in the “Go Healthy” Erasmus+ project in Riga was truly eye-opening. The project aimed to enhance mental well-being and tackle the stigma surrounding mental health issues, promoting the social inclusion of young people.


Throughout the exchange, we delved into the concept of a healthy lifestyle, discussing current issues related to nutrition and sports. The practical opportunities provided not only improved our physical and health competences but also encouraged us to become advocates for a healthy lifestyle within our communities.

This experience has been transformative, emphasizing the importance of peer education and recognizing the Erasmus+ Programme as a powerful tool for health education. Beyond personal growth, the project contributes to a broader societal shift towards inclusivity and a healthier lifestyle. I am grateful for the opportunity and the valuable insights gained.” Adisa Karaosmanović

“I am happy to share my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible experience I had with “GO HEALTHY” Youth Exchange project. This program has truly been a transformative journey, providing me with unique opportunities for personal growth, cultural enrichment, and a deepened understanding of global health and well-being.


Through this project, I had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. The exchange not only broadened my perspectives on health but also allowed me to immerse myself in different cultures of the participants.


The well-structured and engaging activities organized by coordinators sparked my curiosity and inspired me to take charge of my own health journey. The support and guidance from the program mentors were invaluable, creating a nurturing environment for learning and self-discovery.


This program has left an indelible mark on my life, equipping me with a global perspective on health and a network of lifelong friends. Thank you, BRAVO and to all the people involved, for empowering youth to make a positive impact on our world.” Benjamin Dlakić

“Participating in the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange was an enriching and transformative experience. Each activity was meticulously designed to promote values such as tolerance, respect for cultural diversity, gender equality, mutual understanding, and solidarity. The non-formal and informal methodologies employed created a balanced and enjoyable learning atmosphere, allowing us to share, listen, express ourselves, get involved, contribute, support each other, and develop new competencies.


My time in Latvia was nothing short of extraordinary. The breathtaking architecture of the city served as a beautiful backdrop to our journey of connection and growth. The interactive nature of the workshops demanded our active participation, making the Youth Exchange all the more engaging and effective.


One of the highlights of our experience was visiting local healthy food markets. Engaging in conversations with the local population and vendors provided us with firsthand insights and deepened our understanding of the local culture. These interactions were not only educational but also fostered a sense of community and connection.


The friendships forged and the anecdotes gathered during this Youth Exchange will forever be a part of my memory. The next time I visit this city, it will be these friendships and experiences that will draw me back.


In conclusion, the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange was a wonderful blend of learning, cultural exchange, and personal growth. It was a testament to the power of youth engagement in fostering mutual understanding and promoting inclusion. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to applying the lessons learned in my community.”Kenan Junuzović

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“Youth exchange “Go Healthy!” In Riga, Latvia was my very first youth exchange in my life! It fully met my expectations and I am very thankful to all the people and organisations that have been there with me through the time. With this project, we had a chance to: meet new people, to get to know the new city and to learn more about healthy lifestyle, healthcare and so on. I returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina with wonderful memories and such important experiences. Also, there was no shortage of education, kindness and wonderful human relationships, and I made long-term friendships with so many people. Thanks to Erasmus+, BRAVO BiH and other organisations that have made sure we have a good time!”Naira Džepar

“This was my first Youth exchange, and I don’t think I will ever relive anything better. From the people I’ve met to things we learned, everything was perfect. The project was called “Go healthy” and it wasn’t just about a healthy lifestyle, but also about well-being. We learned so many things together, but most importantly we met new people, made some friends. We learned about other cultures.Nothing more to say than this project was a great opportunity for everyone to learn something,and be surrounded by good people and make great friends…”Nedžla Šakić

“I’ve participated in many YE’s and TC’s in different countries with different participants, but I’ve never imagined myself traveling all the way to North Europe in search of a new adventure, a new culture, and new people. So here it is: I was blessed once again to embark on a journey and explore such a historical country as Latvia, Riga. As an artistic soul, I was drawn and mesmerized by the monuments and architecture of Riga, the presence of Art Nuvo in each corner of the city, and very tall people speaking a language I’d never heard before. We’ve been guided by one of the kindest facilitators from Hungary and warmly welcomed by the Latvian team hosts.


As we had participants from all parts of Europe, it was interesting to debate food quality based on given facts during our discussions, where we could form a picture of food culture from one country to another; what was considered healthy in one country might not have been so healthy in another, and vice versa. We laughed together and enjoyed sharing delicious food and drinks on our intercultural night, with colorful tables enriched with traditional meals, sweets, and souvenirs from all participating countries. Snuggled up in warm jackets, scarves, and beanies, we spent a lot of time doing outdoor activities, as the main purpose of the project was to promote physical activity and healthy food, so we explored a snowy city, a market place, how much the locals were interested in a healthy lifestyle, etc.


What stood out to me was recognizing that the majority of Latvians spoke Russian instead of English as their second language, as Russian is one of the hardest languages to learn! Every day consisted of some funny interactions with locals and hotel maids, as most participants didn’t speak Russian, so we used hand gestures to create a conversation and learned a few Russian words along the way. At the end of the journey, my soul and mind were enriched with new knowledge, fresh perspectives, and new friends from all around Europe. Paldies, Latvia and BRAVO!” Sara Jakovljević

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