“A few days ago I had an opportunity to be a participant in the project “Travel around our soul and mind” in Hungary. It was an incredible and amazing journey with other participants to speak about biases, prejudice, and stereotypes and to try to find them in ourselves, we talked about unconscious biases and tried to work on them and be aware of them in ourselves, other people, in our communities, friends, and family. We had several examples of biases, we did videos, energizers, storytelling where we could try to be more aware of our own biases in our minds and soul. If there is one thing that I liked the most about the project, it would definitely be when we worked in a trio and when each of the three people told their story about the biases and prejudices that other people had or have about us, and we talked about a challenge that was really hard for us and we could maintain them. In addition, I would like to add the challenge they gave us to do with local people in Hungary, on the streets, and try to find from people what they think about most common biases, prejudice such as racism, immigration, etc.” – Amra Softić

„This experience taught me a lot about emotions, emotional intelligence, and how to deal with emotions. I got more knowledge about unconscious biases and how to deal with them. I got encouraged to break biases in my community and behave in a more emotionally aware sense. The whole group and all people in this training course encouraged me to look more mature on this world and to define my values to become a better part of society.“ – Emina Jupić

„The best thing about learning about biases and emotional intelligence was that you are unlocking this part of your brain that helps you in your everyday life. But the best part of learning was learning together, with these amazing people. It was an experience I will never forget and always cherish.“ – Amina Fetić


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