„I learned a lot on this project, both about the topic of the project itself and about other people. I did a lot of research on where we were staying. I gathered knowledge about other cultures and different identities. I broadened my horizons and completely lost the feeling of discrimination against someone and relying on certain stereotypes. To meet and recognize everything I managed to do in a week is really something amazing. Through teambuilding activities, various energizers, but also serious sessions, we came to love diversity and each other so much. Making new friends and having the opportunity to keep in touch with everyone is truly priceless. We have created some common dreams and we will work to make them come true. We are the future and with this project, we have gathered a lot of knowledge that will help us make the future brighter.“ – Šejla Osmanović

”This experience has changed my life, opening my eyes in many ways.  Every part of this journey, from the amazing people I met to the stunning sights of the Alps, has changed me. The unforgettable adventure strengthened my passion for youth work.  This training course not only broadened my perspective but also motivated me to make a change. It empowered me to be more conscious of my words and actions, to listen attentively, and to celebrate the unique qualities that each individual brings to the table.Looking back, I can summarize my learnings in one sentence: I used to want to climb the mountain to be seen by the world, but now I aspire to climb the mountains to see the world.” – Tarik Fejzić

„The “ToolBox for Communication“ was a refreshing experience for me and the first experience with Erasmus + projects. The group got to know each other as they arrived and it was a wonderful experience to meet such a team of participants. During the training, we got to know each other’s cultures by discussing our frequent stereotypes in our countries, as well as discrimination, and diversity. Our trainer Endy brought a lot of positive energy to our morning duties and it was wonderful to work with him. We had the opportunity, using the program’s benefits, such as a free public transport ticket on the designated training days, to travel and get to know the cities of Austria and neighboring Liechtenstein and the border area of Germany and Switzerland. We enjoyed traveling in groups, chatting along the way about all our cultural differences and creating memories. It truly was an unforgettable experience that has enriched every aspect of my life!“ – Dženita Čizmo

„This Training Course was my first Erasmus+ experience and it has left a big impact on my life. It truly has changed me as a person and the way I perceive life as a whole. Throughout the course, we delved into the complexities of diversity, exploring various dimensions such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and more. The facilitator navigated through these sensitive topics, encouraging us to question societal norms.  What impressed me the most about this training course was its emphasis on personal reflection and self-awareness. The facilitator encouraged us to critically analyze our own experiences and privileges, fostering an environment of introspection and growth. It was uncomfortable at times, but that discomfort was necessary for real change to occur. I came back home as a new person, with unforgettable memories, life-long friendships, and shifted mindset.- Davud Pašalić

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