‘’Eskişehir was a real adventure that I did not expect. Like every Erasmus adventure, there were many lessons learned—some good, some bad—but I loved every second of it. Thanks to BRAVO, I experienced high-level, non-formal educational training. This one was particularly specific because it changed the narrative and made me step out of my comfort zone of seriousness, allowing me to loosen up in the acting zone with the other participants. The project served as a transformative platform for young individuals like myself to recognize and harness our values and competencies. Through innovative tools such as drama and techniques inspired by the Theater of the Oppressed, we were encouraged to express ourselves creatively and take actionable steps within our communities. The charm of Eskişehir lies not only in its picturesque landscapes but also in the emotional rollercoaster it took me on. Every corner of the city seemed to magnify my emotions, offering a dynamic backdrop to my personal and educational exploration. Eskişehir has put my emotions through the lens many times, and the most significant thing I learned was from a taxi driver on my way to the airport: if you want what’s good for yourself, you will find something to laugh at even in the worst possible situation.’’  – Tarik Fejzić

‘’This training course was really interesting and helpful. I enjoyed every workshop we had and feel like I learned something new. The topic was great because it included theory about theatre and actual practice. The food and accommodation were perfect, the location was in the city center and everything we needed was close. I’m very happy with the whole experience and the organization of the whole project. Moreover, the warmth and hospitality extended by the organizers created a welcoming atmosphere throughout the project. Their dedication to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment did not go unnoticed. By attending this project, I learned more about the ways to fully express myself creatively and become an active citizen who will make meaningful contributions to communities. The project ‘’Through the Lens’’ provided me with a platform to recognize my values and competencies. Beyond the educational aspect, this training course presented both rewarding and challenging aspects, pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me confront and conquer fears. The acquired skills in public speaking, group dynamics, and managing pressure will undoubtedly contribute significantly to both my personal and professional life. Embracing a more active role during group work has left me with a valuable sense of empowerment that I’m eager to implement in the future. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program and sincerely appreciate the hard work and commitment of the organizers. Reflecting on this enriching experience, I am not only equipped with valuable knowledge and skills but also inspired to further explore and contribute to the world of theatre.’’ – Uma Nizamić

‘’It was an amazing opportunity to learn more about creative empowerment techniques working in carefully planned activities, mostly working in small, mixed international groups. Our aim during this course was to achieve this kind of result, where everyone can become an active citizen and make meaningful contributions to their communities. And looking back, I think we have achieved exactly this. The project, ‘’Through the Lens” aims to provide a platform for young individuals to recognize their values and competencies. The project seeks to empower young participants by helping them discover and appreciate their values and competencies. During the project we have used concrete tools, such as drama and technique from the Theater of the Oppressed, to encourage young people to express themselves creatively and to initiate action within their communities. Besides the theory part of the course, I learned a lot during the practice part of the Training Course. I also improved my speaking part of the English language, and I am grateful for that. One can say that every one of us has understood the concept of empowering the audience and the performer. I am much obliged to the trainer Emre and facilitator Hasan, as well as other people from Turkey, who were very supportive, patient, and fantastic hosts for all of us. Besides the academic aspect, I also enjoyed the cultural and social dimensions of the Erasmus program. I met wonderful people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Belarus, and Russia. I participated with all of them in outdoor activities, which consisted of exploring and visiting different parts of the city. I discovered and learned about some aspects of the culture of these lands that are different or the same as the culture of my country. The Erasmus Training Course was not only a rewarding experience but also a challenging one. I faced some of my fears and got out of my comfort zone multiple times which had a positive impact on me. I learned more about public speech, how to behave in front of a group of people, and how to handle pressure, which will help me immensely in my private and work life. I also developed a sense of how to be a more active person during group work, which I will implement in my future endeavors. In conclusion, I am very grateful for this Erasmus Training Course and the opportunity it gave me to learn very useful things and to meet wonderful people. It was a life-changing experience that I will never forget.’’ – Đorđe Marković

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