‘’The Leadership Skills on the Spotlight Training Course was an invaluable opportunity to learn about the various complexities that go into making a leader and the turbulent ins and outs of the modern workplace. Having explored world-renowned scientific theories on leadership, effective communication and delegation techniques, as well as the requirements for successful cooperation, I was inspired to put in more effort towards my own personal development, along with my professional career. Working with our brilliant trainer Katya was a true gift in itself and my colleagues assured me that the future rests safely in the hands of future young leaders. Last but not least, we got the amazing chance to experience the stunning lake Balaton, an escape from the crowds of the city and a true marvel of nature. Budapest, the crown jewel of the Danube, left us breathless with its gorgeous sights and rich history. I have nothing but gratitude to BRAVO and MeOut for providing us with this memorable experience and I have no doubts that they will continue to do so for many more to come.’’ – Ana Brajić

‘’The training Course “Leadership skills on the spotlight” in Balatonszárszo, Hungary has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have learned so much about leadership, youth work, and non-formal education in a fun and innovative way. Every day was an opportunity to gain and master new skills, habits, and knowledge, making us so much richer in experience. Our facilitator, Katya, struck the balance between work and fun. We were being productive through activities and teamwork, thus making learning a game. Another amazing aspect of this Training Course has been making friends and memories. We learned so much both about and from each other. There is something special about the friends you meet while traveling. Somewhere between the inside jokes, getting lost, and morning tea, we became a united team, one that is not afraid to say yes to new things. Returning home has been bittersweet, knowing that we’ll probably never see each other again, but still keeping them in a special place in our hearts. The last days were spent in rushed plans to meet again and reminiscing on the stories we’ll always keep on telling. Finally, Balatonszárszó was just dreamy. Being in such a peaceful and stunning environment was inspiring. I am glad that most of the destinations chosen for the Training Courses are smaller cities, towns, or villages, that are off the beaten path. It helps us discover new places that fill us with wanderlust. All in all, this has been such an amazing and inspiring experience, one that has planted inspiration and knowledge that will bloom for years to come.’’ – Ema Krajina

‘’It is really easy to forget that you’re young when you’re occupied with modern problems. Family, college, relationships, and job opportunities can overwhelm you so much that you might end up feeling you are too late to try anything. Leadership Skills on the Spotlight training reminded me of my potential and dreams. I felt like I was not late for anything and there would always be enough time to improve my skills. I’ve met with so many brilliant people and they inspired me on every level. We had the chance to introduce our cultures to each other, which made the whole process even more fun. During this training, I’ve discovered myself from a brand new perspective. I had the chance to share my story, listen to other people’s stories, and exchange opinions. Now I know how to be a part of a team, I know how to lead a team and I know how to enjoy being a part of a team. I am forever grateful to be selected for this training. After these 8 wonderful days, I’m hopeful for the future and I can’t wait to be a part of the other projects.” – Fatma Albayrak

‘’By participating in the project “Leadership Skills in Focus,” I experienced an exceptionally enriching journey that contributed to both my personal and professional development. The project provided me with an opportunity to establish meaningful international friendships, connect with people from different parts of the world, and forge lasting connections that transcend borders. Through this experience, I expanded my network of contacts and gained insights into diverse perspectives. Through theoretical lectures and practical workshops, I acquired a deeper understanding of leadership and learned to apply these concepts in real-world situations. This aspect of the project enabled me to enhance my team leadership abilities, develop strategies for goal achievement, and foster collaboration within the team. also learned how to effectively communicate with diverse groups of people, a skill of invaluable importance in an international context. Through intercultural evenings, experience exchanges, and daily conversations, we discovered the richness of diversity and shared perspectives on our respective places of origin. This interaction contributed to my broader understanding of the global community and motivated me to actively learn about the cultures of other countries. My participation in the project “Leadership Skills in Focus” not only enriched my life in the moment but also laid solid foundations for my continued personal and professional development. – Emina Bavčić

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