“This was one of the best experiences of my life. This is a 2 part project and I was not involved in the 1st part. Because most of the people already knew each other, I was worried I’d have a difficult time fitting in, but I am happy to report it was the complete opposite. Everyone, from the trainers to the participants, was very welcoming and I felt included in the whole program nonetheless. I’ve gotten to experience new cultures, and new ideas and learned several new skills along the way. My favorite skill I’ve improved on is teamwork. It was a pretty big group of around 40 people all in the same project, so managing everyone was challenging, but we ended up succeeding which I’m very proud of. I’m happy to say I’ve come out of this experience with a new and better outlook on life and I can’t wait to have more similar experiences.”
Mirza Hajdarhodžić 

“Being able to share my work and ideas in a big European country was amazing. The seminar in Ommen, the Netherlands, after the training in Armenia, was fantastic. I got to catch up with old friends and make new ones, all while enjoying the beauty of the country and the lovely city of Ommen. The project left a big impact on me and it enriched my life with new people and special memories. I’m thankful to BRAVO for providing such great opportunities for personal and professional growth. I’m excited about what’s next and can’t wait for future projects. See you soon!” – Hamza Alijagić

Reflecting on the journey from Armenia to the Netherlands, this project has left a big mark on both Hamza Alijagić and Mirza Hajdarhodžić. The seminar in Ommen provided not only professional growth but also enriched their lives with precious memories and lasting friendships. Both testimonials showcase the impact of international collaboration in fostering personal growth and creating lasting bonds. Their experiences are universal as the Erasmus+ project changes people’s lives for the better and leaves them with forever-lasting memories and friendships.

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