”Throughout 7 days, I’ve met amazing people, learned about their cultures, and talked about topics that influence everyone’s lives, whether we live in less or more developed countries. Topics that get shut down or not understood in some places. It is very nice to see that there’s hope in young people and that we are conscious of the nature around us. We all share the same interests, and that’s caring for our planet and therefore our well-being. This project assessed key components of communication, competencies in people, and finding solutions for a greener environment. It tackled some social problems which we handled through debates and sketches. We explored other solutions that fit all of society and have a positive outcome for preserving nature. Not only did we learn about it through non-formal, fun, and simple ways, but we also improved our health almost instantly by walking through the forests of Poland and helping the forest breathe by removing trash from it. All in all, I am very satisfied with the project and the way it was conducted. Meeting nice people, having fun, and learning was never easier and more approachable than now.” – Eman Spahić

”I had the amazing chance to participate in the Erasmus+ youth exchange program “Green Urbanization,” and I can’t stop gushing about this unforgettable opportunity. It was clear to me the moment I arrived in Poland that this program’s goals went beyond sustainable urbanization to include the development of a compassionate and understanding society. The participants, who were from different parts of the world, bonded right away like a family. We became close because of our common love of the environment and our shared commitment to making the world a greener place. The genuine compassion of both participants and trainers was what stuck out. Every conversation was sincere and memorable because it seemed as though empathy dust had been spread across the entire group. Working together, we learned the strength of variety. Our biggest strength, enhancing our solutions and widening our views, was the diversity of our origins, ethnicities, and opinions. This experience showed us the importance of empathy and understanding in fostering a greener environment and more robust and peaceful civilizations. “Green urbanization” was about appreciating the beauty of cooperation and teamwork as well as enjoying nature. It demonstrated the power of teamwork and the amazing transformations that can occur when minds and hands work together for a common goal. I will always be indebted to this wonderful voyage for celebrating both the goodness in our hearts and the power of our cohesion. Poland, with its verdant vistas and unspoiled natural splendor, served as the ideal setting for our eco-tour. The actual meaning of sustainability was revealed to us as we cycled through gorgeous villages, explored the forests, and interacted with the inhabitants. It was genuinely touching to see how the participants embraced both the local culture and the natural beauty of Poland.”Amina Vejselović

”My Erasmus+ Youth Exchange experience in Poland, centered around the theme of ”Green urbanization” was for me such a transformative journey. Throughout this exchange, I had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with individuals from 5 different countries, each bringing a unique perspective and a shared passion for sustainable urban development. Throughout the program, we engaged in eye-opening discussions, workshops, and hands-on projects that broadened my horizons and deepened my understanding of the importance of green urbanization. From exploring innovative eco-friendly technologies to witnessing successful green initiatives in Polish cities, I gained invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities of creating more sustainable urban environments. This exchange not only educated me about the pressing global issues related to urbanization and the environment but also fostered lifelong friendships and a sense of global citizenship. I left Poland with a profound sense of responsibility to contribute to the green urbanization movement and a renewed hope in our collective ability to create greener, healthier, and more sustainable cities for generations to come. It was an unforgettable experience that has truly changed my perspective on the world.” – Amela Nevaljalović

”Participating in the Erasmus+ project”Green Urbanization” exceeded my expectations as I left the project with a completely shifted mindset.  It is interesting how much your view on life can change in just 7 days. The seven days, we have spent on the project, have gone by really fast but every day was a new experience filled with everlasting memories. It was refreshing to work in an environment that respected, nurtured, and fully embraced the diversity of participants. The bond we have shared went beyond the passion for environmental issues. Working together, we discovered that our greatest strength lay in our diversity,  our diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and opinions. The project ”Green Urbanization” hasn’t just educated us about sustainable practices but it highlighted the importance of empathy in nurturing a greener environment which leads to overall more peaceful societies. We have found the true beauty of teamwork, revealing the incredible transformations that can happen when minds and hands join forces for a common goal. Furthermore, I left this project feeling completely fulfilled and motivated to be more conscious about the Planet Earth and urge my peers to do the same. By spending time in nature, exploring the forests of Poland, and connecting with the locals, we have learned the true meaning of sustainability. ” – Zehra Šehić

”The project ”Green Urbanization” truly presented one life-changing adventure. Over 7 incredible days, I had the amazing opportunity of connecting with inspiring individuals, exploring their rich cultures, and engaging in discussions about subjects that significantly impact the lives of people across the globe, regardless of whether they come from less or more developed countries. The project addressed critical aspects of effective communication, interpersonal competencies, and the pursuit of sustainable solutions for a greener world. We tackled pressing social issues through debates and discussions, exploring innovative solutions that can benefit society as a whole while nurturing the environment. What made this experience truly outstanding was how we gained this knowledge. It was through informal and enjoyable method that made the learning process much easier. The impact of this project was not related to the learning process. By the end of it, we became active contributors to the well-being of the environment and advocators for change. This project reinforced my belief in the power of collective action and individual growth to create a brighter, more sustainable world for all.’’ – Mehmedalija Zuna

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