‘’Being able to take part in the Erasmus+ training course “Green Europe” and spend 10 days in France with my peers was an experience I will foster throughout my personal and professional endeavors. Together with young people from around the world, we came up with different solutions on how to “green” our homes, and surroundings and how to encourage others around us to join us on the quest for a better tomorrow. Throughout interactive workshops, we were able to find out bits and pieces about every single one of us, discover both our strengths and weaknesses, and combine them all to provide the best solution possible. We were able to reflect on our habits and behaviors that we would like to change to make our living and working spaces more sustainable. One aspect that I loved about the training was that we had the opportunity to speak freely about things that were bothering us during teamwork, and how could we solve them in future instances. On the other hand, learning about the classification of different kinds of plastics made me realize how much our country still lacks and how much space there is for improvement. I could not recommend Erasmus+ programs enough, as I believe it is truly something every student should experience in their life.’’ – Olja Beader

‘’I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ project “Green Europe” in Les Ulis, France, and it was an experience I will cherish forever. The program provided a unique platform for intercultural exchange, personal growth, and environmental awareness. One of the aspects I loved the most about the project was the diverse group of participants from all over Europe. Interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures opened my eyes to new perspectives and ways of thinking. It was a true celebration of our shared humanity, and I made friends that I will stay in touch with for a lifetime. The workshops and activities were not only informative but also highly engaging. Learning about sustainable practices, eco-friendly initiatives, and the importance of environmental conservation was both eye-opening and inspiring. I found myself motivated to make a positive impact on our planet as I discovered the power of collective action. The friendships and bonding that occurred during our time together were perhaps the most memorable aspects of the project. From sharing traditional dishes to celebrating each other’s cultures, the experience fostered a sense of unity and togetherness that transcended borders. I want to express my deep gratitude to the organizers and fellow participants for making this project a life-changing experience. “Green Europe” in Les Ulis was not just a project, it was a journey of personal growth, cultural exchange, and environmental awareness that I will forever cherish. It has left an indelible mark on my heart and soul.’’ – Ensar Mešić

‘’Participating in the “Green Europe” TC was a profound experience. The project’s focus on environmental education and sustainability struck a chord with me. Thorough research, uncovered the critical needs of youth workers and leaders, emphasizing the urgent requirement for competence in plastic-free and environmentally friendly youth work activities. It also highlighted the need for eco-friendly practices in daily life, travel, and workplaces. The project’s organizational goals were commendable, with plans for local eco-conscious youth work activities, international exchanges, and partnership building among youth organizations. These initiatives promise to make a significant impact on fostering a more environmentally responsible future. I eagerly await the outcomes of these efforts and genuinely support their mission to promote eco-friendly practices. This training has broadened my perspective and given me a sense of responsibility towards our environment.’’ – Adnan Karamujić

‘’The Green Europe Training Course in Les Ulis, France, was an unforgettable journey that went beyond just learning about sustainable development. It was a unique opportunity to connect with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, fostering new friendships that transcended borders. This multicultural setting enriched my experience as I shared ideas and perspectives with individuals who were equally passionate about creating a more sustainable world. One of the highlights of the program was our visit to the enchanting city of Paris. Exploring iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and strolling along the Seine River added a thrilling dimension to the training. It underscored the importance of sustainable travel and experiencing new places responsibly. Learning about sustainable development was a cornerstone of the program. Workshops and discussions shed light on the critical issues facing our planet and how we, as individuals, can make a meaningful difference. The emphasis on eco-friendly practices and responsible consumption was a wake-up call, and I left the course with a deep sense of environmental responsibility. What I liked most about the training was the sense of community and shared purpose. The collective dedication to making the world a better place through sustainability was truly inspiring. It reinforced the notion that positive change can occur when people come together with a common goal, and I left the course with new friendships and a renewed commitment to sustainable living.’’ – Belma Nahić

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