“The ‘From Rural to Plural’ project, let me tell you, was absolutely incredible! It lit a fire inside me to keep exploring and embracing different viewpoints. And you know what? I made some lifelong friends along the way. The knowledge and skills I gained from those workshops, they’re like the building blocks of my personal and professional growth. I’m so grateful for this experience and can’t wait to see where it takes me next! Plus, with what I’ve learned, I’m pumped to make a positive impact in my local community. It’s amazing how a project like this can empower us to create change and help others. I’m truly blessed with the connections and opportunities this project has brought into my life!” 

Ejna Ahmedbašić

“This training course had a huge impact on me because I learned a lot more about different topics that I need in my work with young people from rural communities. I will certainly apply the experience and knowledge I have gained in my activist involvement. I met wonderful youth workers and their countries, cultures, but also the methods they use in their youth work. I am very satisfied with the entire project and I hope to successfully implement all the ideas I have planned. It was a pleasure to work in a positive atmosphere and prepare projects of great importance both for my country and for the whole of Europe. I am grateful to BRAVO BiH for the opportunity to be a part of such a great story.” – Džejla Tanović

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