‘’I am very glad that I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Digital Ying Yang training, and it was truly an exceptional experience. Throughout the program, I was able to develop a deeper understanding of digital tools and techniques, which will undoubtedly benefit me in my future work with youth. The trainers were knowledgeable and engaging, making the learning process both enjoyable and effective. One of the highlights of the training was the focus on youth development. As a young person, it was incredibly empowering to see how digital skills can create positive change in the world. Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Digital Ying Yang. It was a happy coincidence that I had the opportunity to meet and work with fantastic people from Bosnia, and I am grateful for the friendships and connections from different countries that were formed during the training.’’ – Senida Karasalihović

‘’Participating in the Digital Ying Yang project in Stubičke Toplice was an exceptional experience. The project was executed flawlessly and the organization was perfect in every way. Meeting people from around the world and getting to know them was an incredibly satisfying and enriching experience. It was fascinating to learn about their cultures, traditions, and beliefs, and to hear their unique perspectives on life. Building connections with people from different backgrounds was a valuable and rewarding experience that broadened my horizons and enriched my understanding of the world. Nevertheless, I had an amazing chance to meet three amazing people from Bosnia as well. Without them, this experience would not be as excellent as it was. During only the limited time we spent in Stubičke Toplice we got to know each other and create unique friendships. Participating in the project was highly educational, as it allowed me to learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge. The hands-on experience and exposure to different perspectives provided me with insights that will be useful for my personal and professional growth.’’ – Ema Mekić

‘’This project was an unforgettable experience, where I learned a lot of new things, but also met an incredible group of young inspiring people who made this experience even more complete. The whole training course was very well organized and productive, I enjoyed every second… I learned how to make a balance between the offline and online worlds, which is important to know how to do it. We also learned about a lot of interesting digital tools that can help us make our life easier. This photo is from an international night where we had an opportunity to learn more about other countries and other participants. From the photo, you can see that we had a lot of fun that night, and the situation was the same every day. I am grateful and fulfilled that I participated in this project. Here I met people that I made strong connections, so I want to say Thank you for this amazing opportunity.” – Dika Šabanović

’Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the ERASMUS+ program that took place in Croatia, Stubičke Toplice, from March 10 to 16. The program focused on balancing online and offline activities (Digital yin-yang), and I must say it was a transformative experience. The week-long program brought together a diverse group of individuals from different countries and backgrounds. We engaged in a series of workshops, lectures, and discussions that explored the importance of balancing online and offline activities in our personal and professional lives. We learned about the pros and cons of being constantly connected to the digital world and the impact it has on our mental health, productivity, and relationships. We also explored strategies for finding a healthy balance between the two worlds and how to develop healthy habits that support our well-being. The program was not only about theory; we also had many opportunities to put our learnings into practice. We participated in outdoor activities, energizers, and games, which helped us disconnect from our devices and connect on a deeper level. Overall, the ERASMUS+ program was an enriching and transformative experience. It allowed me to reflect on my relationship with technology and gave me the tools to develop a more balanced and healthy approach to both online and offline activities. Thanks to the organizers and my fellow participants for making this an unforgettable experience.’’ Kenan Junuzović

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